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Soha NaveedMay 28, 2018

This Girl Talks About How Being A Highly Educated Female In Our Society Is Treated as a Threat

In a society like ours, people never take pride when a woman chooses to study higher. Implications such as, “Shaadi ...

Maya FareedMay 27, 2018

Video Of Alizey Fatima Learning How To Drive Gives An Important Message To All The Girls Out There!

The other day, I was sitting and this picture popped up of the newlywed couple, Feroze Khan and Alizey Feroze ...

Dua AqeelMay 25, 2018

Not All Men Are The Same – Yes, There Are Some Trustworthy Men Exist In Every Woman’s Life!

Why is it that we only take our time out on social media to talk about the negativity and the ...

Mahnoor AslamMay 23, 2018

Here Are A Few Reasons Why Women Tend To Cheat In A Relationship

Many of us cheat and get cheated on as well. Sometimes, a few may get lucky to know when they ...

Namrah MatloobMay 23, 2018

An Open Letter To All The People Who Are Worried That I Am A Woman Without A Brother

One of the most vivid memories of my childhood is those glances which used to pierce through my mother’s ‘No’ ...

Syeda SandleenMay 22, 2018

Here’s How Electronic Media Is Playing a Major Role In Spreading Social Awareness

Harassment covers a wide range of behaviors of an offensive nature. It is the behavior that appears to be threatening ...

Fatima AfzaalMay 19, 2018

Meet These Inspirational Pakistani Women in the Mirror of Success

We always highlight the miseries of a woman’s life or we talk about women empowerment. It’s good to highlight the ...

Myeda JawwadMay 19, 2018

Halaal Wife And Haraam Colleague – Why Do Men Classify Women According To Their Character?

We all have different standards for men and women, especially when it comes to evaluating their character. We usually fancy ...

Sharoz Essa KhanMay 19, 2018

Intense Interview with a Prostitute Who’s About to Get Married

“I never thought my life would turn out to be like this. I wanted to ask every single man, what ...

Rehmeen Fatima RasoolMay 18, 2018

An Open To Letter To All Those Women Who Have Been Victims Of Harassment

83% women face some kind of sexual harassment, whether it would be physical, abusive or cyber. And to fall into ...

Soha NaveedMay 15, 2018

Here Are 4 Lies Men Tell to Impress A Woman They Want to Be With!

To impress someone, we create unrealistic possibilities in our head because we feel it would make them think of us ...

Noor FatimaMay 14, 2018

“My 5-Year-Old Niece Says Dark Skin Is Not Beautiful But I Think That’s A Problem” – Here’s A Message For All

“Fama Phuppo, will you please dress up this Barbie with me?” My adorable five-year-old niece asked with wide-eyed eagerness one ...

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