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FarwaJuly 17, 2018

These People Just Shared A Non-Sexual Thing That Turns Them On And It’s Actually Cute!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is true that not all sexual things turn you on. Surprised? Yes, there are some gestures, ...

Mahnoor AslamJuly 17, 2018

A Menstrual Cup Can Help Transform Every Woman’s Life And Here’s How To Use It

In recent times, when the world is going through the worst time of global warming. People are not the only ones ...

Iqra RaeesJuly 17, 2018

Here’s Why Parents Need To Work On Making Their Daughters Indpendent

Whenever any divorced or separation happens in our family, we often hear this from our parents ‘Log Kya Kahein Ge?’. In ...

Ghazala AbbasJuly 13, 2018

Here Are 6 Psychogical Ways To Help Attract Women In A “Shareefana” Way

To all the men out there who think that they know exactly how they’re supposed to present themselves when it ...

FarwaJuly 13, 2018

Maryam Nawaz’s Recent Picture With Her Children Is Making People Notice Something “Else”

Maryam Nawaz Sharif, the daughter of ousted and ex-Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is on the way to Pakistan ...

Sultana HaiderJuly 13, 2018

Dear Women, Choose A Better Medium For Venting Rather Than Facebook Groups

Since childhood, I have had lots of old elderly people around me. I grew up watching them closely and my ...

FarwaJuly 10, 2018

These Symptoms Of Breast Cancer Is What Every Woman Needs To Know About

About 90,000 breast cancer cases reported in Pakistan and over 40,000 died because of it. Dr. Rufina Soomro, a leading ...

Ghazala AbbasJuly 9, 2018

Here Are A Few Legit Reasons Why Women Lie And You’ll Be Surprised!

It’s difficult nowadays to keep yourselves away from telling a lie. It could be due to many reasons such as, ...

Fauzia ZafarJuly 6, 2018

Here’s All That You Need To Know About ‘Afterglow Light The Soul Retreat’

This Ramzan, I read online about the Afterglow Light the Soul retreat and I was immediately intrigued. Firstly because I ...

Mahnoor AslamJuly 5, 2018

Here’s How Your “Undergarments” Could be Affecting Your Health

Underwears are not something that’s included in the school curriculum. Though it should be taught about. Usually, people give a ...

Ghazala AbbasJuly 4, 2018

This Movie Perfectly Depicts How Difficult It Is For A Pakistani Woman To Live Her Life As She Wants!

As the title states: “What Will People Say” a widely used phrase by almost every elderly relative of ours whenever ...

Mahnoor AslamJuly 3, 2018

This Makeup Artist Just Gave A Badass Response To All The ‘Aunties’ Who Blatantly Body Shamed Her!

It is usually of an utter surprise when we witness people who are full of positivity and love even being buried ...

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