This Lahori Girl Chops Off Her Hair And Sets An Unprecedented Trend in Pakistan


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A 20- years-old Lahori girl, Mehreen Fatima is breaking the taboo of donating hair by cutting off her 23″ hair to donate them to cancer patients of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital. We are living in a society where having something as shiny, long hair has always been considered a sign of beauty and femininity, else you are labeled manly or ugly.

Yes, imagine chopping off your long locks and all you get to hear from your khandaan walay is, “haww, haye, kia zarurat thi? Barhay nahi wapis tou kia hoga?”

According to her, she is facing bullying comments from people i.e, “bhai”,“bro”, “ugly”, “not beautiful anymore” while she says,

“Even being called manly isn’t bad, I do not think being called a man is an insult. I am promoting a cause, an awareness of how beauty standards should not include how a person’s facial features, color or hair look like. I believe good deeds should be promoted too, just like we promote evil deeds so that the good deeds get a chance to be a trend too.


I donated my hip length hair to “Hair to Help Pakistan” and I feel proud of myself regardless of the fact people do not think of it to be feminine enough or beautiful enough. My mother who found out about my haircut the next day was angry for a couple of days but because she saw what I stood for, she is proud of me now.”

She also included, “I believe we should break the taboo of having short hair or what we do with them because it’s totally a person’s own choice. All you are eligible for doing is, join in the movement”.

Did you ever chop off your long locks for a good cause and what things did you get to hear? Let us know in the comments.

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