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Maria RubabMay 25, 2018

This Girl Has A Message For All Those Defending The Guy Who Publicly Displayed His “3-inch ki Izzat”

Yesterday, a post came out about a ‘Tharki Kutta’ roaming around DHA Phase-8 showing his 3-inch ki izzat to girls ...

Soha NaveedMay 24, 2018

This Pakistani Girl Was Brutally Assaulted When She Tried To Fight Off The Muggers!

Armed robberies happening in Karachi isn’t a new news, but someone, especially a woman, fighting the assaulters with bravery, indeed ...

Mahnoor AslamMay 23, 2018

Here Are A Few Reasons Why Women Tend To Cheat In A Relationship

Many of us cheat and get cheated on as well. Sometimes, a few may get lucky to know when they ...

Sharoz Essa KhanMay 19, 2018

Intense Interview with a Prostitute Who’s About to Get Married

“I never thought my life would turn out to be like this. I wanted to ask every single man, what ...

Suha ZakiuddunMay 16, 2018

“Why Am I Not Told To Have Faith In Myself?” – Thoughts Of A Girl Who Is Not Rushing Herself To Get Married

I am single, but as I go about my day, it is not a fact I think about. Until someone ...

Noor FatimaMay 14, 2018

“My 5-Year-Old Niece Says Dark Skin Is Not Beautiful But I Think That’s A Problem” – Here’s A Message For All

“Fama Phuppo, will you please dress up this Barbie with me?” My adorable five-year-old niece asked with wide-eyed eagerness one ...

Amnah UmairMay 10, 2018

This Girl Has Come Up With a Great Plan and You Will Feel Nothing but Proud of Her!

I would like to share my story with you regarding my ‘slums to school’ education program. Please take out few ...

Adan AliMay 5, 2018

Meet Neeha Rashid ─ A Teen Artist And Entrepreneur Bridging Distinct Cultures Through Art

Even though it’s 2018, the profound rarity of women in business continues to intrigue me. On a somewhat pleasant afternoon, ...

Warda KhosoMay 5, 2018

Here’s How It Feels Like To Be A Liberal Girl In A “Khoso” Family!

I will forever be thankful to my parents for always giving me the best and raising me as their son, ...

Masood MalickMay 2, 2018

“If a Girl is Smiling at a Public Place, She is totally Characterless” – When will Our Society change the way it thinks?

When I was a kid, I was afraid of devils and today, I am afraid of the humans of our ...

Mahnoor AslamMay 2, 2018

This Pakistani Girl Took a Trip Up North and Gave Hope To all The Single Ladies Out There!

Any girl living in Pakistan must have dreamed of traveling with a partner. A dream travel, the one in a ...

Mahnoor AslamApril 24, 2018

This Is How The Girl Reacted When She Saw A Man ‘Jerking Off’ In A Mall in Islamabad

There have been thousand’s of incidents where girls get harassed publicly. Be it the very famous Meesha-Ali incident where Meesha ...

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