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FarwaJuly 20, 2018

PIA’s Youngest Female Aircraft Technician Is Making All The Pakistanis Proud Out There!

In Pakistan, women empowerment is the supreme issue of our political leaders, religious scholars, and reformers of this society. Unfortunately, ...

Ayeza IrshadJuly 18, 2018

This Girl From Karachi Shares A Creepy Thing That Happened When a Guy Pulled Across Her in a Mercedes

A woman here can’t walk alone past a group of men without being observed or whistled. Pakistan is no more ...

Sultana HaiderJuly 13, 2018

Dear Women, Choose A Better Medium For Venting Rather Than Facebook Groups

Since childhood, I have had lots of old elderly people around me. I grew up watching them closely and my ...

Rabia NadirJuly 11, 2018

Meet Aneeta – A 19-Year-Old Pakistani Girl Who Writes With Her Feet

Close your eyes and imagine getting up in the morning with your mouth longing thirst. You get up from the ...

FarwaJuly 11, 2018

Here Are 5 Surprising Tips Every Woman Should Know To “Satisfy” Her Guy

It is not easy to be in a relationship with someone, those who have experienced it advise the new ones ...

Anushay RehmanJuly 6, 2018

“Never in my life had I been this raw. This exposed” – Girl Shares Horrifying Details Of A Silent Psychology Ward

I make my way down the hallway. This time not scared, not trembling, not screaming. Just numb. Numb and defeated. ...

Mahnoor AslamJuly 6, 2018

This Pakistani Girl Just Shared Her Sad Yet Hilarious Bank Experience And People Couldn’t Stop Trolling Her!

How many times have we gotten embarrassed by our NIC photo or passport photo? And let’s not forget by our ...

Ghazala AbbasJuly 4, 2018

This Movie Perfectly Depicts How Difficult It Is For A Pakistani Woman To Live Her Life As She Wants!

As the title states: “What Will People Say” a widely used phrase by almost every elderly relative of ours whenever ...

Dania AyazJuly 4, 2018

This Pakistani Teenage Girl Is Reaching New Heights In The UK And We’re Nothing But Proud!

Meet the girl who is taking a social impact onto a whole new level. United Nations, Research Paper, Pakistan’s Water ...

sarmadaliJuly 3, 2018

Incredible Story of Fizzah Khan Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

We’re living in the 21st century, but still there are many girls who are deprived of their basic right and unfortunately, ...

Mahnoor AslamJune 30, 2018

This 26-Year-Old Pakistani Chemical Engineer’s Inspiring Story Will Change The Way You Look At Life!

So, women in different fields working their best are just a plain proof that whoever said women are any lesser, was ...

Aleesha RajaJune 21, 2018

This Girl Shares her Experience of Unrequited Love and Learned Her Lesson The Hard Way

So, we live in a society where, for doing something traditional, you are judged for being backward, and for doing ...

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