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5 Years Of #MeToo Movement! High Profile Sexual Assault Cases Destroyed Powerful Men


Revolution doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time as we all have heard over the past decades. Movements take place every year, but no one takes it where it actually belongs, but it didn’t happen with the Metoo movement at all.

The MeToo movement has been the main center of attention ever since it became a hashtag on social media and made history overnight.

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No joking, before that every man thought of roaming all over the world after sexually abusing women just like nothing happened ever.

The MeToo movement has become a legacy and is still being determined. It all began back in 2017 with the tweet by US actor Alyssa Milano inviting women to share their experiences of sexual harassment under the words “Me too”. Within a year, the hashtag had been used more than 19 million times, according to Pew Research Center.

It has pushed sexual assault to the global agenda and demolished some of the most popular people’s life.

The Fall of the Powerful Men Through MeToo Movement

A lot of powerful men came under the radar soon women or say victims started sharing their real stories of sexual abuse done by such high-profile influencers.

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From 2017 till now, it’s been 5 long years and endless stories have come out to surprise people out there.

It was a whole shocking movement that unveiled surprising stories and exposed celebrities as well. The whole MeToo movement helped to remember some of the most shocking events in the #MeToo movement, including:

Roger Ailes:

The big giant wall that protected sexual predators shattered into small pieces when Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit against the chairman and CEO of Fox News. Following that allegations, other women also came forward with similar experiences with Ailes, some of whom had lost their jobs because they refused him.

Source: NPR

Showtime has also produced a limited TV series named, “The Loudest Voice” that showcased everything Roger did to his female employees.

Kevin Spacy:

After Roger Ailes, no one expected Kevin Spacy one of the biggest names in the Hollywood industry would come up in this controversial movement. Even his Academy Awards couldn’t protect him from the allegations he faced, he did assault at least eight people, both in the past and on the set of his current series, “House of Cards.”

Source: NJ

Surprisingly, all of the accusers were young men, some of whom said Spacey allegedly took advantage of them when they were minors.

Along with Kevin, Dustin Huffman and Richard Dreyfuss have fallen inside the boiling water of allegations.

Harvey Weinstein:

Harvey Weinstein is known for some of the iconic movies he has directed. But his career ended suddenly when several female actors and assistants accused him of assault and rape, saying he threatened to ruin their careers if they refused.

Source: DW

Soon his name flashed all over social media and news outlets he was sacked from the Weinstein Company.

Al Franken:

Source: NPR

In the Metoo movement, not only celebrities came under the radar but also politicians who faced heavy allegations. Al Franken’s accusers had released pictures of him groping her while she slept. This turned the attention of the #MeToo movement to the hostile environment in Washington and state politics.

Source: Dlisted

Among other celebrities and actors James Franco, opera singer Placido Domingo, comedian Louis C.K., fashion photographer Terry Richardson, and celebrity chef Mario Batali – barely a week went by without another illustrious name being shamed.

The MeToo movement hit all over the world, even Pakistani celebrities have shared their MeToo stories and they have bashed for it as well. Nauman Ejaz shames Ayesha Omar for coming out with the #MeToo story and made her uncomfortable throughout the interview.

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