Author: Alizeh Akbar

Alizeh AkbarSeptember 29, 2022

5 Years Of #MeToo Movement! High Profile Sexual Assault Cases Destroyed Powerful Men

Revolution doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time as we all have heard over the past decades. Movements take place every ...

Alizeh AkbarSeptember 20, 2022

Model Ayyan Ali Shares Her Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

Model Ayyan Ali has become the center of attention back in 2015 for various wrong reasons. But she disappeared from ...

Alizeh AkbarSeptember 13, 2022

Zara Noor Abbas Shares Her Traumatizing Experience & Society’s Lack Of Applause For Women

For every girl being a mother has always been an emotional moment in their life. Because they go through various ...

Alizeh AkbarFebruary 1, 2021

Mehreen Hashmi – Rising from the Colors

  In this world, wherein many countries’ women are dominating in different fields, making their space, name among men world. ...

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