Abdullah Qureshi Just Got Hitched To The Love Of His Life And Thousands Of Pakistani Girls Are Officially Hearbroken!

We witnessed soooo many celebrity weddings last year, yet still, they don’t seem to end any time soon! Last year many national and international celebrities got married and the internet had a meltdown every time.

Remember the royal wedding? Harry cried a little when he first saw Megan, everyone watching the live telecast cried too! Haye hayee. Ever saw a Pakistani guy shedding a tear seeing his bride for the first time? Lol, they smile ear to ear, cuties, haha!

Anushka Sharma got married to the best sportsman Kholi, and Deepika married the love her life, Ranveer Singh! These beautiful ladies were looking like the desi queens.

Par Pakistani me haal kuch yun thay k Feroze Khan got married and Aisha Khan got married too. Aisha left working as an actor and it broke people’s heart but they also respected her decision too.

Lastly but NOT THE LEAST! The “longest wedding of the year” you know who we are talking about. Well, it cooked the brain of half of the internet and it served the eyes of those who adore Aiman and Muneeb.

Now the year started with yet many other celebrities but no one was able to match the level which Aiman and Muneeb did!

Abhi taza tareen is… Abdullah Qureshi is getting married! Does he need any introduction? No, he doesn’t! Gany wany nae sunty kia bhai?

Bhae! The boy is getting married and it was his mehndi, and he danced! Kia nacha hai! Dil jeet lia. <3

Dulha ho toh esa!!! He enlighted his own mehndi, and maza aagaya. Mehndi turn into the concert!

Internet always talks about how people should “get a guy who looks at you, the way he looks at his cake” well, seems like Abdullah is that guy. Pyari photo! <3

What’s a wedding without good friends? Hareem Farooq and Abdullah are best buddies and here was Hareem celebrating the good moments with Abdullah!

Aren’t they the cutest?! Hayee!

Selfie with the happiest couple!

Ary wahhh!! Such good moments from the mehndi!

Such looks like the most happening mehndi, wish we too could attend that! Par we can still see that in photos and videos. No? Hope the internet didn’t miss a good moment from this amazing mehndi!

As happy as Abdullah is looking is looking in the photos, we can’t wait to see the wedding photos and video of these two cuties.

Did we miss any good photo from the mehndi?! If we did, post the most amazing moment from the event in the comments below!