People Are Calling Adnan Sami An Undercover Pakistani Agent Living In India And It Is Getting Pretty Hilarious -

People Are Calling Adnan Sami An Undercover Pakistani Agent Living In India And It Is Getting Pretty Hilarious!


You guys, do you remember Adnan Sami? The Pakistani singer dude who used to be REALLY chubby and did a number of good songs like Lift Karade and Tera Chehra? Also, the same Pakistani who left the country to get an Indian nationality that many say was to benefit his singing career?

Well, there is nothing hidden when it comes to Adnan Sami’s recent negative thoughts on Pakistan now that he is an Indian and has been living in the country for years.

In the recent tension between India and Pakistan, Sami has actively shown his dedication and support for the Indian land on social media.

First, Adnan Sami Posted a Pro-Indian Army Tweet Where he Showed his Support to Modi As Well

On This, Pakistanis Weren’t Easy on the Trolls and Sami Responded to Them As Well

This has happened before too; in fact, every time when there are tensions between India and Pakistan, Pakistanis troll Adnan Sami for not showing least bit of respect towards his former country.

This time Sami addressed the Pakistani trolls by saying the following:

Dear Pak trolls, Its not about ur egos being given a reality check today; its about eliminating terrorists who u ‘claim’ r also ur enemies! Ur Ostrich mentality is laughable.Btw, ur abuses expose ur reality & therefore d only difference between u & a bucket of shit is the bucket!

When It Comes to Trolling, Pakistanis Never STOP!

In the midst of all the tension between India and Pakistan and Adnan Sami laughing at Pakistanis, the people of our country are now trolling him even more by calling him an undercover ISI agent of Pakistan. Sami has been living in India for years and has pledged his patriotism to India as well. However, Pakistanis continue trolling him more, day by day, by calling Sami an undercover Pakistani agent living in India.


Another One!

Everyone Just Did…

This Is Important

Mubashir Lucman Jumped On The Bandwagon As Well LMAO


Some Proofs There

And Here’s Another Proof

Now, we wait to see when Adnan Sami notices these trolls and comments on the “laughable” mentality of Pakistanis. On the other hand, seeing Pakistanis shares these jokes and trolls on social media is definitely a mood-lifter in the midst of all this political heat.

Let’s hope the tensions between India and Pakistan end soon so we can go back to giving Adnan Sami a break as well.

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