Ali Zafar Paid A Tribute To Women On Their Special Day Through His Poetry But It Failed And Backfired Badly -

Ali Zafar Paid A Tribute To Women On Their Special Day Through His Poetry But It Failed And Backfired Badly!


Not a while back, Ali Zafar was accused of misbehaving by numerous women present in the industry, with Meesha Shafi being the most popular one of all. It ended came out as a shocker to many; not because of Ali Zafar’s saint reputation but because women in Pakistan have never shared their concerns or incidents as prominently as it was done at that time.

Ali Zafar denied, proof was demanded and the rest of the drill? You all know how it works. No one believes you. However, Pakistanis do notice these totally predictable PR stunts and comment on them pretty seriously.

Ali Zafar Has Upped his PR Game And Everybody Knows About That!

Probably the first commercial Ali Zafar appeared in after the allegations was an ad where he was cooking for his family, admiring women in his life and the typical “I am a good man to my wife and kids,” narrative was all over the place.

Yeah, This Ad. The One With Maya Ali.

So anyway, while moving past this, social media doesn’t forget and it’s pretty obvious from this post Ali Zafar shared with his fans on social media.

So He Shared this Poetry As a Tribute to Women on Women’s Day

(Kaafi deep lines hain andar but whatever.)

And Here’s How Social Media ‘Honored’ His Poetry

Someone Talked About Ali Zafar Supporting Bollywood Amidst All the Political Chaos As Well




And It Goes On and On and On

Pretty sure a lot of people reading this piece would start dragging Meesha Shafi, but remember, Meesha Shafi wasn’t the only woman who accused Ali Zafar; numerous women came forward and shared their events and the news was all over social media.

One comment about PR team is spot on – these desperate attempts of saving are pretty weird by Ali Zafar, tbh. But whatever sails his boat. We are just here to watch and see how it goes.

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