Amazon Owner’s Ex-Wife MacKenzie Bezos Becomes the Third Richest Woman in the World Post-Divorce and And It’s Crazy Amazing


In the craziest divorce of the year, this one has left the wife to become the third richest woman in the world and rightly so. When we say that behind every successful man there’s a woman, the same can be said in this case.

Jeff Bezos, Owner of Amazon, and his Wife MacKenzie Bezos End their Marriage After 25-Years

What’s The Reason for the Divorce After 25-Years and 4 Kids?

Media outlets reported that the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was having an extramarital affair with former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez. According to the alleged rumors, there was an exchange of “erotic selfies and raunchy messages” between the two.

So What Makes MacKenzie One of the Richest Women In the World?

The 50-50 split.

Amazon was founded after the couple got married. In the community property state of Washington, which dictates assets acquired during marriage to be split 50-50, that means MacKenzie Bezos could have a right to half of her husband’s Amazon fortune if they didn’t sign a prenup (which they reportedly didn’t).

With that scenario, given that Jeff is the richest man in the world, MacKenzie should be the richest woman as well. But that isn’t the case.

MacKenzie is Giving Up On her Shares As the Divorce Fulfills

In a statement on Twitter, the ex-wife shared that she will be granting Jeff all of the interests in Blue Origin, Washington Post and 75% of the Amazon Stocks which are legally co-owned by the two. This leaves her with the remaining stake of $35.7 billion.

MacKenzie’s involvement in Amazon goes back to the time when the company first started. She was one of the first employees of Amazon and helped her former husband expand Amazon to the level it is today.

He Gave the Following Statement After Finalizing their Divorce:

“I’m so grateful to all my friends and family for reaching out with encouragement and love. It means more than you know. MacKenzie most of all. I’m grateful for her support and for her kindness in this process and am very much looking forward to our new relationship as friends and co-parents.

“In all our work together, MacKenzie’s abilities have been on full display. She has been an extraordinary partner, ally, and mother. She is resourceful and brilliant and loving, and as our futures unroll, I know I’ll always be learning from her.”

Imagine if she wouldn’t have given up on the shares she did already. Damn!

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