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Soha NaveedMay 17, 2018

Sania Mirza’s Sister Is Taking Divorce from her Husband It Is Heartbreaking

Sania Mirza is all over the news these days after she made the announcement of her pregnancy. While Sania is ...

Mahnoor AslamMay 3, 2018

Faryal Makhdoom is Killing Everyone With Her Looks Just One Week After Giving Birth

Frayal Makhdoom the controversial couple famous for it’s controversial tweets. How can we forget that?! Just before Faryal’s pregnancy was ...

Mahnoor AslamApril 12, 2018

The Actual Reason Why Sanam Baloch Changed Her Last Name Might Make You Stop Judging Her

Sanam Baloch, the famous Pakistani actress started her career from a very small TV channel where she hosted a show ...

AnonymousMarch 27, 2018

This Guy Shares Heartbreaking Details of His Two Failed Marriages and How He was Left Stranded Every Time

In this society, it is very difficult to comprehend that as a man, you also get hurt, by someone you ...

Soha NaveedMarch 12, 2018

Shaista Lodhi Revealed the Reason for her First Divorce As a Lesson for Everyone

Divorce is one alarming situation, but something which cannot be ignored and shouldn’t be ridiculed. Getting a divorce in a ...

Soha NaveedFebruary 21, 2018

Former Pakistani Supermodel Aaminah Haq and her Husband Ammar Belal Split their Ways

In 2009, when Aaminah Haq was enjoying the peak of her career and Ammar Belal was creating fashion statements of ...

Mahnoor AslamFebruary 7, 2018

The Story of This Girl Might Bring Tears to Your Eyes As She Narrates How Her In-Laws Tortured Her

This heart-wrenching story went viral on Facebook of how a girl, happily got married to a guy and it ended ...

Sheza AshrafJanuary 30, 2018

Mathira has a Message for Her Ex-Husband and it’s Oozing with Emotions

At the time of marriage, the bride and groom are told the most beautiful thing and one of those include ...

AribaJanuary 25, 2018

Mathira Took To ‘Insta Story’ To Subtly Reveal the Reason of Her Divorce!

Famous Pakistani TV host, singer and model, Mathira has¬†always made the headlines. Whether it’s a commercial, a music video or ...

Sabeena Shahrukh MirJanuary 24, 2018

Life becomes Easier when you learn to Accept an Apology You Never Got!

I saw a blissful mother with her little daughter sitting in a coffee house. The relationship of a little daughter ...

Sheza AshrafJanuary 23, 2018

A Husband Divorced his Wife Claiming She Wasn’t a Virgin

Many nations have progressed with time, but the sick minded people of this narrow-minded society have always been the same ...

Fatima NazJanuary 8, 2018

10 Reasons Why Guys Aren’t Falling for You And It’s Not Even Your Fault!

You think that you are amazing at one moment and you get swamped with insecurities the next moment when you ...

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