Armeena Khan Calls Out Former London Mayor Over His Offensive Comments And Damn...


Armeena Khan Calls Out Former London Mayor Over His Offensive Comments And Damn…


Recently, the former London Mayor Boris Johnson made a controversial comment on the women who wear a veil (burqa) in public.  Johnson on Sunday mocked women who wear the full-body veil “look like letterboxes” and compared them to “bank robbers”. Additionally, he said that the garment was “absolutely ridiculous”, in a newspaper column. The Bin Roye actress Armeena Khan never hesitates to speak her mind out on any social issue. And thus, she had to step in.

Source: Daily Mail

The Canadian-Pakistani actor Armeena Khan called out former British foreign secretary Boris Johnson on Wednesday over his derogatory comments against women who wear the burqa.

As a result, Armeena Khan took to Twitter and said the former London mayor was restricting freedom of choice and trying to dictate what women should wear. She stood up for women’s right to wear whatever one feels comfortable in.


She claimed “Yet another privileged middle-aged bloke telling women what they can and can’t wear. If a woman wants to wear a burqa it’s her right. Mr. #BorisJohnson it is her RIGHT to choose which goes hand in hand with British values”.

Outraged at Former Mayor, Armeena Khan decided to take a stand and post a tweet

And further added…

A source close to Johnson said, “We must not fall into the trap of shutting down the debate on difficult issues. We have to call it out. If we fail to speak up for the liberal.”

Among criticisms from Muslim groups, Johnson has received remarks from fellow politicians including former Attorney General Dominic Grieve, Theresa May, Brandon Lewis and Ruth Davidson.

Eventually, Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May spoke up, “I think Boris Johnson used language in describing people’s appearance that has obviously caused offense. It was the wrong language to use. He should not have used it”. Moreover, Prime Minister May also urged the former London mayor to apologize for his comments.

Thanks to Armeena for standing up for women’s rights. These politicians have no right to say tell us what to wear and take our freedom from us. They should be shown if they are going in the wrong direction.

Johnson’s comments have indeed called for widespread criticism all over and he will have to apologize.

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