Aurat March 2023

Are You Going? Aurat March 2023 To Be Held In Karachi On 12th March


Just like every year, Aurat March will be held on March 12 instead of March 8 in Karachi. It has become Pakistan’s most prominent social event for women.

Celebrities also contribute to the March with their partners and raise their voices against various social issues regarding women.

Aurat March 2023
Source: International Center

The announcement became official when the organizers of Aurat March shared it on their social media handles and let their supporters know about the big news.

Aurat March 2023 On 12th March – Are You Going?

Taking to their Instagram account, “Aurat March Karachi will be held on March 12, 2023, this year,” the Instagram post on their official page read.

“We continue to stand in complete solidarity with the Aurat Marches in Hyderabad, Lahore, Islamabad, and Multan that will be held on March 8, 2023,” read the caption.

The organizers further said that, said that the attendees will be marching for “our hunger, social security, a living wage, an end to bonded labor, rehabilitation of flood victims.

An end to mob violence, an end to domestic violence and to end forced conversions.”

On Account of the Weekday

“On account of March 8 being a weekday, we have decided to hold Aurat March in Karachi on Sunday.

Aurat March 2023
Source: DAWN

March 12 instead, so that the working-class communities do not have to experience of losing a day wage. The march will be held with all its fire and energy on March 12, 2023.”

Aurat March has been very controversial in various ways, several political figures and even celebrities condemn this specific event. Just like when netizens schooled Shireen Mazari for calling Aurat March a “foreign-funded program.  

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