Ladies, Avoid These 6 Habits To Make Your Skin Beautiful & Healthy!


Every girl dreams of having a beautiful, healthy, glowy, fresh, and dewy skin! But what does it actually take to make it look more healthy and beautiful? If you love buying makeup products to hide your imperfections, blemishes and pores, then you got some major thinking!

Ever wondered what’s causing your skin to break out? Is it your eating habits? Is it your hormones? Is it makeup? Well, if you’re struggling to attain beautiful, healthy skin, here’s what you’re doing wrong or probably should avoid doing at all costs!

We know, we know it takes lots of effort at times, but hey, isn’t it better to have healthy skin than to conceal it with tons of makeup?


Check out the following habits below that might be the source of your unhealthy skin!

1. Not drinking enough water

Water intake plays a vital role in attaining healthy skin. Water acts as a detox and washes down all the toxins that are present in your body. And yes, it keeps your skin hydrated! So, the more water you drink, the better it is! However, not everyone would agree to this but there’s no harm in doing so.

2. Sleeping without removing your makeup

Yeah, we’re all guilty of sleeping with makeup on when we’re dead tired. But remember, sleeping with your makeup on causes your pores to clog. Imagine sleeping for 8-10 hours with your makeup on. Scary, isn’t it? No one would a nasty breakout!

3. Using expired makeup!


Yeah, if you love hoarding makeup, you’re in trouble! Yes, we’re all guilty of using our makeup even when it’s expired. But let’s face it,

Also, if an expired makeup product has caused you any skin reaction, please consult a dermatologist immediately.

4. Blindly using makeup that doesn’t suit your skin

Some makeup might probably get you all excited, but are they even for your skin type? It’s important to make sure that you’re using the kind of products, as per your skin type.

5. Not changing your bedsheets. Yup.


Who would’ve ever thought of bedsheets being the reason for your unhealthy skin? Changing them every week can help you achieve healthy skin!

6. Not moisturizing your skin!

Moisturizing your skin helps reduce skin problems. It also prevents wrinkles and fights blemishes. And plus, who even likes dry, patchy skin?

Shocked? Surprised? Using expensive makeup/skincare products is not the only thing you need to focus on. Focus on what needs to be done in addition to maintaining healthy skin. Happy taking care of your skin!

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