Pakistanis Share the Most Awkward Thoughts they had just before Signing the Nikkah Nama


As usual, we had another mini-survey today and we asked people what weird thoughts did they have while signing their nikkah nama. This time, the response was crazy and people kept pouring in with their experience and we absolutely loved it.

Brace yourselves!!

1.”I don’t remember exactly what happened, but when I was signing my nikah nama tou mujhe chamcham mithayi ki fikr thi ke koi aur na khaa le, phr qabool hone pe dant bhi parh gai thi ke zor se bolo lol!


2.”Should I fake cry or not cause I really just wanna leave LMAOOOOOO”


3.”I signed so quickly as I wanted to be called “Atif’s Wife” ASAP.
After signing, my sisters were crying and I was asking them to stop, I didn’t cry not even at the rukhsati!!”


4.”I asked the maulvi sahib that aap ne nikkah nama theek se fill kya hai ya mai check kar loun ek baar? And the look I got from my parents and my 5 mamus was like; bus kardo, kisi ko tou baksh dou 

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5.” When I was signing I told my brother to get my NIC to check which sign is there so that I can do the same one”



6. “Main taang pe taang rakh k bethi thi when my bhai came in with papers. And I signed them right away like a boss sitting in the same position 


7. “I was like “rona hai rona hai rona hai” bus 


8.”I had that song in my mind. “Golmaal hai bhae sab golmaal hai

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9. “My nakli nails weren’t letting me sign properly


10. “When my cousin was signing her nikah nama she was like yar mai kiya karun mujhe susu ara hai …in se bolo jaldi kren


11. “I asked my mom and she said, “Sab log ro rahe thay aur mei ye soch rahi thi ke sign ki practice tou ki hi nahi”
PS. She was just 18 when she got married”


Liked it? How about you share the next question you want us to work on? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Promise, we won’t disappoint you!

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