Author: Mahnoor Aslam

Mahnoor AslamApril 9, 2019

Alia Bhatt Actually Got Inspired By A Pakistani Actress For Her Upcoming Movie And Wow, We Are So Proud!

There are few drama serials in Pakistan that have had an impact which touches people of every age! Humsafar, Daastan, ...

Mahnoor AslamApril 5, 2019

Saba Qamar Just Celebrated Her 35th Birthday And Pakistanis Can’t Stop Saying ‘Astaghfirullah’ Because Of Her Outfit!

Saba never leaves a chance to shock people. Saba Qamar is among those great actresses, whose charisma and talent cannot remain ...

Mahnoor AslamApril 3, 2019

This Pakistani Social Studies Book Is Going Viral For ‘Having Kids In Hot Weather’ And What Is Wrong With Us!

From childhood, we have been taught that Pakistan is lucky to have all four seasons. From hot summers to cold ...

Mahnoor AslamApril 1, 2019

A Female Anchor Insulted Young Doctors Who Weren’t Getting Salaries, On Live TV, And The Awaam Is Angry!

In any country, controversy is a “thing” maybe call it a new trend. Social media can’t survive a day without ...

Mahnoor AslamMarch 29, 2019

These 10 Famous Baloch Women Have Become Daily Household Names And Their Struggle Is Appreciated!

They say Pakistan is filled with talent! Indeed, Pakistan has raw talent, from scientist to politicians to gamer to hackers to ...

Mahnoor AslamMarch 29, 2019

A Punjab College Girl’s Life Has Been Ruined By A Tik-Tok Dance Video And This Incident Teaches Us A Huge Lesson!

As it is perceived that Pakistan is a remote country, be it in terms of education, media, infrastructure and what ...

Mahnoor AslamMarch 28, 2019

This Latest Shoot Of Models Faryal Mehmood And Abeer Has Become A Hot Debate And It Is Too Much To Handle!

Pakistan is not as conservative as they show in the media, at least not in our fashion industry. Long gone ...

Mahnoor AslamMarch 27, 2019

A Lahori Husband Shaved His Wife’s Head Because She Refused To Dance In Front Of His Friends And This Is Sick!

They say women in western countries are more empowered and confident! But in reality, when it comes to people and ...

Mahnoor AslamMarch 25, 2019

This Pakistani Guy Shares The Reasons Why He Finds No Shame In Being Called A ‘Mama’s Boy’ And You Need To See This!

Mother’s are precious creatures! They are the only ones who are cable of giving unconditional love and affection. No one ...

Mahnoor AslamMarch 22, 2019

Feroze Khan Posted Another “Romantic” Picture With Alizey And Sab Ke Andar Ki Phuppo Jaag Gayi!

Feroze Khan got married last year and the internet broke hell! Because he caught his fans off guard, everyone around ...

Mahnoor AslamMarch 20, 2019

Avril Lavigne Wearing An Abaya Is Making Every Pakistani Drool Over Her And She Looks Absolutely Stunning!

Maybe the generation Z would judge us like “Ewww ohh maa gaawwdd” if they got to know that all of ...

Mahnoor AslamMarch 19, 2019

Iqra Aziz And Yasir Hussain’s Latest Picture Is Gaining A Lot Of Attention For All The Wrong Reasons And Tauba Hai!

Other than family, friendship is a bond most dear to all of us. No matter how many years pass by ...

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