Bushra Ansari's Guide on Handling Ghosting with Grace

Bushra Ansari’s Guide on Handling Ghosting with Grace


Bushra Ansari, a beloved actress known for her wit, recently shared her straightforward approach to dealing with friends who ignore her messages online. In her mini-vlog, “Delete With Love,” Ansari reveals, “If your friends do this to you, they don’t deem you important.” She practices a three-strike rule; ignore her thrice, and she’ll remove your contact from her phone. “I hit delete without complaint,” she declares, emphasizing that repeated ignorance is akin to being told you’re not valued. Ansari firmly states, “If they’re busy, I’m busy too,” highlighting that mutual respect in communication is crucial.

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Ansari clarifies her stance on not blocking but deleting contacts, explaining, “I tell them that I deleted their number, I didn’t delete them from my life.” This distinction underlines her belief in maintaining emotional connections without clinging to unresponsive communication threads. She compares ignoring digital messages to not answering someone knocking on your door, advising, “No need to mind, just be on your way. Don’t insist.” Her approach combines understanding modern distractions with a resolve to preserve her dignity and peace of mind. Through humor and examples from her life, such as unsolicited calls from acquaintances, Ansari illustrates her philosophy of focusing on those who value her presence in their lives, stating, “I don’t believe in bothering anyone.” Bushra Ansari’s guide to handling digital ghosting showcases her blend of humor, wisdom, and a healthy approach to online relationships.

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