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MunizaApril 26, 2019

Singer Rahma Ali, Who Recently Got Married, Shares Her Love Story And How It Was Written In The Stars!

Rahma Ali who is known for her duet with Jimmy Khan on Coke Studio “Nadiya Par Par Karkey” got married ...

MunizaApril 25, 2019

Royals Aren’t Always Loyal! Rumours From The Buckingham Palace Suggest Prince William Has Done Something!

Uh-oh! Rumble in the Royal House…again? Although the most famous family is always subjected to one rumor or another. Separation ...

MunizaApril 21, 2019

We Asked Pakistanis The Most Romantic Thing They’ve Ever Done For Their Partner And Haye, Allah!

Let’s talk about romance and set things straight. Romance is not just gaudy expression of love and only those special ...

FarwaApril 10, 2019

There’s A New Breakup Trend Called ‘Orbiting’ And Every Pakistani Interested In Online Dating Should Worry About It!

It has been observed that technology has changed the way we meet, interact or be in a relationship with others. ...

Waqar ZafarApril 10, 2019

Here Are 3 Simple Tips To Overcome A Devastating Heartbreak!

I know how hard it is to find relief from the pain of breakup as I have got my heart ...

Ramaisa AdnanMarch 25, 2019

10 Typical Things Desi People Will Definitely Ask The Newly “Shaadi-Shuda Couples” Especially Brides!

Shaadi Mubarak – Smirks the rishteydaars whilst sipping their Kashmiri Chai. In our desi culture, the newlyweds get a hamper of cheesy ...

Amna Mehmud RizviMarch 25, 2019

This Brother’s Heartfelt Letter To His Sister On Her 26th Birthday Will Make Your Eyes Teary!

Thoughts On My Sister’s 26th Birthday This week, my sister, Amna Mahmood Rizvi, turns 26. She is the third of ...

MunizaMarch 25, 2019

10 Types Of Relatives That Are Bound To Exist In A Big Desi Family And Are Absolute “Sar Ka Dard”

We Pakistanis have big families and we are proud of it. Not only you get tons of doting grandparents but ...

Masked TitanMarch 23, 2019

This German Girl Accepted Islam And Married A Pakistani Guy And We Now Have Another International Bhabi!

There have been a lot of reports of girls from other countries marrying Pakistani boys. And well there has been ...

AribaMarch 16, 2019

This Pakistani Guy Tied The Knot With A Woman Much Older Than Him And The Reactions Have Left Us Speechless!

Marrying an older woman in our patriarchal society is considered to be more of a sin than a taboo. According ...

Komal BajajMarch 13, 2019

[POEM] – My Mother And Me

I see the world in her eyes, but she finds the universe in mine! She resides in my prayers, but ...

AribaMarch 8, 2019

We Asked Pakistanis Why They Would ‘Really’ Like To Get Married And The Replies Were A Little Too Honest!

The moment you hit your 20s in a Pakistani household, the only topic that is discussed is your shaadi and it ...

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