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AribaNovember 7, 2019

People Are Assuming That Mawra Hocane And Afzal Leghari Could Be Dating!

Well, well. Looks like we can be expecting another good news pretty soon. When it comes to the Pakistani showbiz ...

AribaNovember 5, 2019

6 Unforgettable Things Only Your Ex Can Teach You!

Breakups are painful and there’s no doubt about it. They tend to hurt real bad and are just awful. A ...

Sarmad AliOctober 30, 2019

Mohib Mirza Publicly Announces His Separation With Aamina Sheikh!

Marriage is surely one of the most beautiful relations between two people. What’s beautiful is that how the two people ...

AribaOctober 24, 2019

Before You Propose Your Partner In Public, Think Again!

A dreamy marriage proposal?? Hayeee… Don’t we all just love it?  At some point in our lives, we’ve all dreamed ...

Sarmad AliOctober 22, 2019

7 Common Reasons Why Your Partner Would Lie In A Relationship!

The worst thing a person could ever do in a relationship is lie. Yes, LIE. Whether it’s a good lie ...

MunizaSeptember 28, 2019

This Pakistani Man Reached Supreme Court For Help To Bring Back His Upset Wife From ‘Maika’!

Marriage is definitely not as rosy, romantic and easy-breezy as it is made out to be on the big screens. ...

MunizaSeptember 25, 2019

Here Are 9 Reasons Why Pakistani Men Freak Out At The Name Of Marriage!

Time doesn’t wait for anyone and it seems like a lot of the men these days don’t realize this until ...

MunizaSeptember 24, 2019

Here Are 4 Important Pointers For Every Man Before Propsing A Woman For Marriage, According To Islam!

Marriage is one of the most beautiful and important institutions in Islam. Allah and His Prophet Muhammad SAW encouraged marriage ...

Danial. ASeptember 21, 2019

Here Are 7 Things Pakistani Men Really Talk About With Their Friends Which The Women Don’t Know!

The undeniable ‘brother bond’ is surely the most underrated connection tieing up a group of close trustworthy buddies who literally ...

MunizaSeptember 20, 2019

This Adorable Pakistani Couple Has Decided To Break Stereotypes And Live In The Romantic Mountains!

This is the story of a beautiful couple who carry a strong affinity for nature, built a life together away ...

MunizaSeptember 18, 2019

6 Beautiful Habits Of A Muslim Couple That Ensure A Happy Married Life!

Marriage for Muslims holds a greater significance than just coming together in union and starting a new phase of their ...

MunizaSeptember 14, 2019

8 Inexpensive & Romantic Honeymoon Places For All You Newlywed Couples In Pakistan!

After the wedding comes the most exciting affair of all; the honeymoon. It is one of the most important event ...

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