Shaista Lodhi Supports Tuba Anwar Despite Criticism

Shaista Lodhi Supports Tuba Anwar Despite Criticism


Renowned Pakistani media personality, Shaista Lodhi, a prominent host, actress, and entrepreneur, recently addressed various aspects of her career, friendships, and handling criticism on Hafiz Ahmed’s podcast. During the conversation, Shaista delved into the topic of criticism, particularly defending Tuba Anwar, who had faced public scrutiny for her appearance on Shaista’s show, where she shared insights into her life and divorce from Aamir Liaquat.

In response to the critique faced by Tuba, Shaista stood in support, expressing her respect for both Aamir Liaquat’s first family and Tuba’s family. She underscored the significance of diverse opinions while emphasizing her commitment to maintaining respect for everyone she encounters. Shaista’s words aimed to promote understanding and civility in discussions surrounding personal matters in the public eye.

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