Here’s how you can hide those Extra Pounds on you by wearing these Few Colors


Who doesn’t want to shed a couple of those extra pounds and look smart? Or it’s an event you have to go to and you want to look your absolute best? To go to an event, party or even to just hit the streets, do it with confidence and impress everyone, and yourself first. These are fashion tips or you may call it a fashion fix, which you can do by yourself even, by doing your own color analysis and finding out which hues suit you the most or make you stand out. Each person can have their own range of slimming colors that suits them. However, here are some colors that can generally make everyone look sexy.

1. Black


The first and foremost. It is a fact that black not only makes you look good but also makes you feel good. It is a classic color which fits all occasions and never goes out of style. Different people prefer black on different occasions. Although it used to be a color of sadness or seriousness only. But, times have changed and its even worn in weddings. You can carry any colorful bag or accessory to not only make you look slim but make you look trendy as well.

2. Red Or Any Bright Color From Red, Yellow, and Green


Bright colors grab instant attention and it’s always a good idea to be wearing a bright piece of clothing. It’s all about how you carry it on your body type or what hue of that particular color looks good on your skin tone. Try to step out of your comfort zone and wear a one-piece dress with a bright color and try pairing it with a dark colored bag or a nice accessory. Bright one-piece colored dresses can make you look all the more sensual.

3. Dark Olive


It’s a color that most people neglect or find dull but if paired well with other complimenting colors and skin tone, It stands out and makes you seem like the center of attention. It’s the go-to color for the winter and I must say that it is an intimidating color.

4. Other Dark Colors


If you take Chocolate brown. We almost never go for it as it is similar to a very specific emoji….lol. But believe it or not, this color also helps in making you look slim and sexy. Another option than black is Dark Grey. Quite slimming too and an excellent alternative to black. Then we end up on Navy Blue. Navy Blue a combination of sky and sea. Won’t only make you look confident and stable, but make you feel all the same as well.

5. Matching Dark With Light Colors


Okay, I know this one is not a specific color but it’s an extra tip to go by in life as. Yes, even a combination of both dark and bright colors can make you look slimmer. No need to stick to monochromatic tones all the time. You can pair dark pair of jeans with a light colored shirt and bright colored jacket. Viola, a flattering outfit made.

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Now you got the guideline, time to dress to impress and go out with a bang! Enjoy these winters in fashion!

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