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Mahnoor Aslam13 hours

A 19-Year-Old Girl Died the Day after her Wedding Night because of what her Husband Did…

With Kasur’s case opening up to the public, a lot of incidents which otherwise would have gone unnoticed, are now ...

Kanza Jamil1 day

When will we realize that Feminism is Something We Need in Pakistan?

Men against feminism are paranoid and self-centered. Feminism was basically NOT ABOUT MEN. Not about hating them or loving them. ...

Mahnoor Aslam1 day

Pakistanis Reveal Strange Places Where they were asked for a ‘Rishta’

All of us, when reaching a certain age, we know it’s just so hard to escape rishtas. By the time ...

Sheza Ashraf2 days

Maya Ali Enjoying Her Best Friend’s Wedding is Giving us Major Friend Goals!

Out of all the things that you thank God for, chances are that your best friend is on the top ...

Hira Hyder2 days

Nadia Jamil Courageously Voices Herself on Sexual Abuse and has a Message for all Pakistanis

Nadia Jamil is a personality from the Pakistani media industry whose efforts for creating awareness about social issues and social ...

Mahnoor Aslam4 days

This Couple did Something Extraordinary on their Mehndi Night and Left many Amazed!

We have always wanted to do something unique on the Mehndi function and break the internet with our crazy ideas, ...

Ariba4 days

Noor Bukhari Breaks into Tears and has a Message for all those spreading Rumors about her 5th Marriage

Being a model and actress in the Pakistani entertainment industry is not an easy job. Noor Bukhari, a former model, ...

Ariba6 days

12 Most Afforable Makeup Artists for all the Brides-to-be in Lahore!

Finding makeup artists as always been a serious struggle for brides-to-be. Now, months before the wedding, the bride and her ...

Annam Lodhi1 week

“This was not a wedding party, it was a death sentence” -Story of a Child Bride

On the United Nations International Day of the Girl Child in October 2017, Pakistan’s Senate rejected a bill that would ...

Mahnoor Aslam1 week

Women Share Bizarre Things They Got to Hear When They Were ‘Pregnant’!

We did a mini-survey recently, where we asked many women what weird things did they get to hear when they ...

Tuba Faizan1 week

Tea Trolley Time – Here’s What Happened When Rishta Aunties Came Over

With a thumping heart, I walked towards the drawing room, Where a group awaited along with my potential groom, As ...

Talha Khan1 week

The Increase in Gender Discrimination in the East and Why it Requires Immediate Attention

Femininity, in this modern era, is still a mystification to many across the globe. How charming it sights to feast ...

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