The Untimely Departure of Medical Student Nimra Caught Between Robbers And Cops Proves Unpredictability of Life!


When tragic hits the door, it hits real bad. Who knew that for Nimrah, who was perhaps having just a normal day, would end up being dead because she was caught in the middle of a crossfire which did not involve her.

20-year-old student of Dow University of Health Sciences Nimrah Baigh was killed when exchange of fire took place between suspected robbers and police in the North of Karachi. According to the Sharea Noor Jehan police, one suspected robber was also killed during this encounter.

What Does That Have to Say for the Innocent Nimrah?

According to the police, they were chasing the suspects who were in a group of four. The group was seen fleeing the scene after conducting robberies. In the act of nailing them to the coffin, the police started shooting on them at Anda Mor, and the robbers fired back heavily.

The police continues to add that their fire killed one of the suspects called Riaz Malik. During this dangerous exchange of bullets, passer-by female Nimrah Baig was gunned down. According to the police, the 20-year-old was struck by the bullet which was released by the robbers.

According to the executive director of Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre Dr. Seemin Jamali, Nimrah died right after arriving to the premises. Dr. Jamali also confirmed that Nimrah was a student of Dow University of Health Sciences.

People on Social Media are Demanding Justice

Karachi Main Dakait Belagam Sindh Hukoomat Shehrio Ko Tahaffuz Farham Kerny Main Nakam, DOW Medical Final Year Ki Talb e Ilm 22 Saka Nimrah Baig North Karachi Anda Mor Par Mubayinna Police Muqablay Ky Douran Do Tarfa Firnig Ki Zad Main Akar Jan Sy Hath Dho Bethi, Walida Shiddat e Gham Sy Nidhal.

While it still remains a controversy, just a few days back, a family in Sahiwal was gunned down; an incident which many believe that the family was innocent.

The children who managed to stay alive may remain traumatized for the rest of their lives as they watched their parents gunned down to death. It is not certain to add whether Nimrah was killed due to the attack from the robbers or from the police side. Nonetheless, it is a tragic news and certainly, Nimrah did not deserve this.

Rest in peace.

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