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Fatima Naz1 week

Top 12 Affordable Makeup Artists in Karachi for all the Brides-to-be!

With the wedding bells ringing all around, everyone is now busy in finding the perfect dress and finding the perfect ...

Fatima Naz2 weeks

These Ladies from Karachi Have Started a Desi Version of “The Real Housewives”

So we used to be tuned to the American series of The Real Housewives, Desperate Housewives, Keeping Up With The ...

Ariba3 weeks

This Woman got Harassed by an Old Guy at a Bazaar and Showed no Mercy on Teaching him a Lesson!

Gone are the days when women were reluctant to speak up about being harassed by filthy men roaming around on ...

Sheza Ashraf4 weeks

This Woman of Valor Taught Robbers a Lesson that they Would Never Forget!

Those days are long gone when Karachi was called as the city of lights. Well, because now, the new and ...

Soha Naveed2 months

Women in Karachi Went Berserk and Flooded Sana Safinaz Store to Avail 70% Discounts

On paper, Pakistan is said to be an emerging market where poverty is still one of the major concerns to ...

Umam Jamal3 months

This Girl Shares a Horrifying Account of How a Local ‘Cab’ Driver Spread Her Phone Number on Social Media

Every day, we women experience numerous forms of harassment. A lot of us ignore it willingly or unwillingly but now ...

Soha Naveed3 months

This Girl was Harassed by Private Police Unit Officers Only Because she was Driving the Car Herself

The progressive mindset in the 21st century revolves around freedom of speech – letting people walk the way they want, ...

Soha Naveed3 months

A Doctor Approached Sharmeen Obaid’s Sister After Treating her and She’s Not Happy About It

Activists should never be taken easily – especially when they are known for having their foot down regarding what they ...

Ariba3 months

Girls! A Woman in Karachi has a Foolproof Plan to Protect Oneself from the Knife Attacker

The notorious knife attacker was going around stabbing women in Karachi a few days ago. Many women became victims of ...

Ariba4 months

Ushna Shah Shares Video of the Guy Who Publicly Harassed Her In Lahore

As street crimes and harassment are on the rise, there are many incidents that are being reported on a daily ...

Soha Naveed4 months

Due to the Negligence of a Doctor in Karachi, a Newborn Died and it is Extremely Appalling 

For those who have had the experience of giving birth to babies, they know how painful the process is. Not ...

Soha Naveed5 months

Shaniera Akram Proved her Love for Pakistan by Gracefully Clapping Back to a Troll who Questioned Her!

When it comes to fitting in a different host country, the wife of Sultan of Swing Shaniera Akram doesn’t do ...

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