A Doctor Approached Sharmeen Obaid's Sister After Treating her and She's Not Happy About It


A Doctor Approached Sharmeen Obaid’s Sister After Treating her and She’s Not Happy About It


Activists should never be taken easily – especially when they are known for having their foot down regarding what they firmly believe in.

The usual norm in Pakistan revolves around seeing someone, finding them in their social spaces, sending them a request or a message, hoping that they’d reply to you. While this may be normal for youngsters studying in the same university or college, a sound professional attitude should not revolve around such practices.

Imagine going to a hospital for treatment. When you are back after the treatment, you see a friend request by that doctor on your Facebook. The doctor checked your medical records, found your name, searched you on his Facebook and sent you a request. Is that something you’d call professionalism?

Something Like this Happened with Oscar and Emmy Winner Sharmeen Obaid’s Sister in Karachi!

Sharmeen Obaid’s sister when to Agha Khan University Hospital, Karachi to get herself treated. After a while, she received a friend request from the same doctor.

Definitely Not Okay!

Given how firm Sharmeen Obaid is, she will definitely not take this matter lightly.

The fact that we have normalized such an attitude may embark the thinking of Pakistanis which pertains to comments such as, “What is wrong in this? It is just a friends’ request. LOL, she could just ignore and move on.

The point is how a doctor, a professional expert, felt that he could go through the medical records of his patient and approach her outside. If such behavior prevails, the next thing we know, doctors would be using the medical records of their patients to find their mobile numbers and house addresses.

There’s always a bigger point and a bigger picture that we miss.


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