An Open Letter To All The Girls And Boys Who Get Physically Attached Before Nikkah


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Yes, he killed her !!!! But wait… No ! No ! No ! Angels didn’t carry her soul to the skies. Her soul is still inside her body because he killed her honest soul and left her dead, internally. He worked like a weapon of destruction. Have you ever observed a living dead body? Breathing? No. Right? But look at her. Look at her deeply and if you have some insight….Oh! you have found it! Her soul is not in one piece….and it won’t ever be. Even the rain doesn’t make her happy, now!!!

Here I am talking about all the “shareef”, good and innocent girls who are chaste, pious and modest throughout their life but did fall for that ONE AND ONLY person and never got physical with anyone else before ever in any way or thought about it.

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First of all, girls, no matter how much you trust, love and respect him; if you let someone get close to you, physically; it is your mistake. If you meet someone alone, it is your mistake. Even if he loves you and respects you, it is still your mistake because you have no boundaries; firstly as a Muslim and secondly, as a daughter of your parents and sister of your siblings. What are you thinking? Why are you so desperate that he kisses you? If he is sincere and pure and honest with you, he will send a rishta at the right time. Why are you believing on his fancy talks and words? If someone wants to get physical with you before nikkah, even if it does or doesn’t include intercourse, kindly for your own sake say a big no!!! And if he is so sincere, he will still be there for you and marry you.

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Once a shareef girl becomes physically attached to a person, no one else matters. She will not think about anyone else except him. He will be her heartbeat. He will live in her soul. She will crave his voice and scent. And it rarely happens that he doesn’t start ignoring you and when he does, her life will become miserable.

Boys! Don’t abandon the girl you are sincerely in love with. You make their body yours and leave. Take care of them every second of life. If you have written your name on a sincere person’s soul and then you betray and leave, no matter how hard you try to be a good person in the future, you will never be a good person. And you will answerable to your Lord. When you say that you have found someone else and reject them, you are literally committing a sin. If you know that the girl is honest with you, she will respect you, your aim and your right intentions.

The aim of this article is to spread awareness amongst young generation to stop playing with each other’s hearts and start focusing on your own self, career, parents, family, and country.

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