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Syeda SandleenMay 22, 2018

Here’s How Electronic Media Is Playing a Major Role In Spreading Social Awareness

Harassment covers a wide range of behaviors of an offensive nature. It is the behavior that appears to be threatening ...

Irma KhanMay 19, 2018

4 Legendary Lines Desi Mothers Can’t Live Without Using!

Living with brown parents and not listening to their lectures that start with your studies and ends on your mobile ...

Girls in MetropolisMay 11, 2018

Here’s Why Every Ordinary Woman Out There Is Extraordinary!

I’m sure those of you who are reading this article have women in their surroundings. They are everywhere from cleaning ...

Amna AliMay 1, 2018

#JusticeForAsifa – Crimes Against Women Need To Stop For Once and For All!

This is so heartbreaking. We can’t even imagine how much pain she would have gone through. Shame on us. These ...

Mahnoor AslamApril 27, 2018

These Women are Spreading the Message Body Positivity for all the Right Reasons

In a world were a vast majority is diagnosed with mental illness and depression. And world health organisations are worried ...

FarwaApril 17, 2018

Here Are the 7 Ways You Can Tell If a Guy Is Here To Mess With Your Heart

Are you in a relationship with the right person? Is your partner not cheating you? It is the most tricky question ...

Mahnoor AslamApril 5, 2018

Here Are the “Code Words” That Pakistani Girls Use in Public to Talk About “Private” Stuff

It is actually a grieve concern that girls in our society are not expected to talk about many “private” things in ...

sarmadaliMarch 31, 2018

This Pakistani Facebook Group Exposes All the Alleged *F**kbois* Around the Nation and It Is Wrong On So Many Levels!

If you are active on Facebook, you’ll be a part of at least 2-3 private groups. For the women on ...

Ibrar AhmadMarch 20, 2018

“They Are Our Honor” – What Have You Done to Justify This Statement?

Today is the day of the vulnerable class of society. We (men) call them our honor. But have you ever ...

FarwaMarch 17, 2018

Here’s What Islam Says About Taking Medicine to Prevent/Delay Menstruation

Menstruation is a part of woman’s reproductive cycle. It provides main reproductive hormones – oestrogen and progesterone, to keep a ...

Hamna AsifMarch 16, 2018

The Obsession With ‘Gora Rang’ Is Not Taking Us Anywhere and It Is Important for Us to Realize that

So what’s the obsession with ‘gora rang’ nowadays? I was watching Jago Pakistan Jago and precisely felt really weird after ...

Mahnoor AslamMarch 7, 2018

Pakistani Women Share Bizarre “Turn Offs” in Men That They Just Can’t Handle!

We don’t get to see much around on the internet or in magazines on what are women’s biggest turn offs ...

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