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Halime Sultan To Join Peshawar Zalmi As Brand Ambassador!


The Turkish drama series Ertugrul has become quite famous in Pakistan. People in Pakistan are admiring the cast of Ertugrul more than the Pakistani actors. Consequently, Pakistan Super League (PSL) owners are thinking to make some of the actors of Ertugrul brand ambassadors for its franchises.

Recently, the owner of Peshawar Zalmai, Javed Afridi asked his followers on Twitter: “WHAT IF WE OFFER TO #HalimeSultan AS WELL?”

Earlier, Afridi asked on Twitter, WHAT IF ErtugrulGhazi JOIN PESHAWAR ZALMI AS A BRAND AMBASSADOR”?

The idea of Javed Afridi is quite alluring. Many Pakistanis would love to see the cast of Ertugrul in Pakistan and supporting the domestic cricket teams.

What if Esra Bilgic (Halime Sultan) joins in

Esra Bilgic has already said that she wants to visit Pakistan. Replying to one of the comments on her Instagram, she wrote, “I would like to say thank you will all my heart for your precious compliments. Your support makes me really happy.”

She added, “I’m waiting excitedly to meet you all in Pakistan after this period. Take good care of yourself. Stay in peace and health.”On another comment, she said, “lots of love from me to Pakistan.”

If she joins the Peshawar Zalmi, the ratting of the team would soar to a great extent. There will be immense followers of the team many may even leave supporting their favorites teams in order to support Peshawar Zalmi just for Halime Sultan.

The post made a boom on social media

People on social media reacted heavily to the post of Javed Afridi. Many are supporting the decision and daying they would love to see her and it is a quite good decision.

Here’s how people reacted.

This is what Journalist Ihtisham Ul Haq said

“Advance Congratulation-”  Peshawar Zalmi PSL-6 Champion

Haha! Look at this one!

In conclusion, the drama series Ertugrul Ghazi is making rounds in Pakistan. Are you excited about Halime Sultan joining Peshawar Zalmi?


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