Meet Sundas Shah: An Emerging Female Photographer and Videographer from Peshawar


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Sundus Shah, by profession, is an ACCA member and alongside, she has a passion for photography from the very beginning. She started her career as a finance officer while she was in the middle of her education and kept her passion alive by working as an intern with a production house.

She used to take classes from 7 am to 9 am, attended office from 9 am to 6 pm and from 7 or 8 pm until midnight with the production house. Now, she has been working as a photographer for almost 4 years while keeping her career along.

Sundus has shifted to Dubai for quality training in both fields with her husband. She is the only female photographer from Pakistan who got published in Khaleej Times, Style Magazine and worked with Vogue Arabia. Alongside weddings, while being in Dubai, she has worked with a number of models, makeup artists, and designers for fashion shoots.

What perfect shot!



She considers herself lucky that her family has always supported the contrasting profession and passion spree. Even now, her husband has joined the club, who not only supports her but has become her partner in crime and that is why, they have named their Dubai Studio “Mr & Mrs “.

According to Sundus Shah, she says,

I am one of the very few female photographers in KP and what keeps me different from others is that I have nurtured a full team of female photographers and videographers as well. We are only females in KP who are working on high-end videography equipment.

Well, all the best, Sundus!

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