Girl Becoming Nikkah Witness

This Girl Is Breaking Stereotypes By Becoming A Witness To Her Sister’s Nikkah But Does Islam Allow It?


The stereotypical stances prevailing in Pakistan’s social atmosphere has forced many to step back from further evolvement. Negatively describing the state of one’s confusing state and derail the individual to provoked thought process is what supports the desi mindset. Leaving no pinch of productive growth regarding the mythical testimonies imposed on the human race, many still apply the backdated figures in recent times.

This girl from Lahore became the witness to her sister’s Nikkah and it is raising many questions!

Unfortunately, these days, social trends and liberal skillset has transformed the human capability into a deceptive hold that shouldn’t have been the case. Marriage being an extremely crucial change in someone’s life is gradually losing its credibility because of the advancement in the practical world. After witnessing major changes in several other stances, recently, a girl from Lahore signed as the witness to her sister’s Nikkah and the only concern rising here is if it is even permissible in Islam?

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Here’s what the girl shared on her Twitter after her Nikkah and the internet has many things to ask!

Taking to Twitter, this girl wrote that her 19 years old sister became the witness to her Nikkah and quoted the objections made by people on the stance. Apparently, as per the teachings of the Holy Quran, in such cases, two females are equivalent to one male and can bear a witness in Nikkah respectively. Either there should be two (adult) males or if a male is not available then two females can take his place and can be a witness in that case.


This is what the Holy Quran says about the Nikkah witnesses!

Surah Al-Baqarah (2:282) says, “Believers! Whenever you contract a debt from one another325 for a known term, commit it to writing.326 Let a scribe write it down between you justly, and the scribe may not refuse to write it down according to what Allah has taught him; so let him write, and let the debtor dictate; and let him fear Allah, his Lord, and curtail no part of it. If the debtor be feebleminded, weak, or incapable of dictating, let his guardian dictate equitably, and call upon two of your men as witnesses;327 but if two men are not there, then let there be one man and two women as witnesses from among those acceptable to you328 so that if one of the two women should fail to remember, the other might remind her. Let not the witnesses refuse when they are summoned (to give evidence). Do not show slackness in writing down the transaction, whether small or large, along with the term of its payment. That is fairest in the sight of Allah; it is best for testimony and is more likely to exclude all doubts. If it be a matter of buying and selling on the spot, it is not blameworthy if you do not write it down;329 but do take witnesses when you settle commercial transactions with one another. And the scribe or the witness may be done no harm.330 It will be sinful if you do so. Beware of the wrath of Allah. He teaches you the Right Way and has full knowledge of everything.”

This is what she tweeted regarding her father being the Nikkah Khwan in the wedding!


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It is not confirmed that what was the actual number of witnesses at the wedding but the stance is cleared now in the light of Islamic laws and principles. Another tweet in the thread showed that the girl’s father was the Nikkah Khwan and described the happiness the family endured at that moment. The girl’s mother also expressed her love for her daughter and son in law during the event.

Well, there’s no issue in proving a point but a look at its Islamic perspective is also necessary. Wishing the newlywed couple a blessed life ahead and may they be protected from all evil.

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