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Tooba bawanyMarch 20, 2024

Sara Chaudhry: From TV Star to Spiritual Journey

Sara Chaudhry, formerly a renowned model and television actress in Pakistan, became famous for her wholesome appearance and acting prowess. ...

Tooba bawanyFebruary 17, 2024

Saba Faisal Speaks on Hijab: Balancing Faith and Career

Saba Faisal, a highly regarded Pakistani television actress, recently addressed the topic of Hijab in a TikTok video where she ...

AfifaDecember 13, 2023

Neelam Muneer’s Heart-to-Heart with Fans: India Offers, Dream Goals, and Personal Loss

Neelam Muneer, the charming and talented Pakistani television and film actress, recently engaged with her fans in a candid Question ...

S JJanuary 9, 2021

‘Please STOP Posting My Modeling Pictures’ – Anam Malik Requests Media Outlets

It was November 2020, when the gorgeous Anam Malik decided to bid farewell to the glamorous world of fashion and ...

Zehra BatoolNovember 14, 2020

Model Anam Malik Gracefully Embraces Hijab & Bids Farewell To Modeling

The gorgeous Pakistani model Anam Malik who was all set to become the supermodel of Pakistan in the coming years ...

Arooba AmberAugust 12, 2020

You Won’t Believe How Actress Ayesha Omar Frees Herself From Mental Stress Daily!

Mental stresses and worldly pressures make all of us feel burdened at one point or another. While many opt for ...

Cogito Ergo SumMay 20, 2020

Do You Know What The Theme Song Of ‘Ertugrul’ Means? The Lyrics Will Make You Fall In Love

Dirilis Ertugrul continues to remain the talk of the town. As soon as people find about the show, the drama ...

MunizaOctober 8, 2019

Islam Has Defined Set Of Rules On Removing Body Hair For Both Men & Women!

The Islamic ruling on plucking and removing hair from the body has been a confusing topic for believing women. Considering ...

MunizaOctober 8, 2019

Actress Yashma Gill Opens Up About Returning To Islam From Atheism!

Yashma Gill, Alif’s star recently revealed her journey back to Allah SWT after being lost, in a candid interview with ...

Danial. AOctober 4, 2019

Singer Shazia Khushk Announced Her Exit From Music Because Of Religious Obligations!

Among the changing trends of the world, there still are people who find peace in folk music and spend their ...

MunizaSeptember 30, 2019

6 Benefits Of Getting Your Children Married At An Early Age In The Light Of Quran & Hadith!

Islam encourages marriage as early as possible for reasons that only bring more ease and blessings into the lives of ...

MunizaSeptember 24, 2019

Here Are 4 Important Pointers For Every Man Before Propsing A Woman For Marriage, According To Islam!

Marriage is one of the most beautiful and important institutions in Islam. Allah and His Prophet Muhammad SAW encouraged marriage ...

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