These Pakistani Actresses managed to Stand Right Up after Stage Mishaps!


Sheepishly, we all have looked for model’s ramp fall and actresses dance fail videos on youtube and enjoyed a lot. Let’s admit that it takes a lot of courage to face such an incident in front of cameras with so many eyeballs just staring at you. And that’s not all, maintaining confidence and standing straight back up is very difficult at such times.

1. Reema’s heel broke off on stage

Reema is the most graceful actress of Pakistan. Reema is a niche actress and doesn’t get involved much in photo shoots or fashion weeks. But when she participated in a ramp walk where she was wearing HSY, looking all beautiful and elegant, her heel broke off and she fell just as she stepped on the ramp!

Look at her confidence! We give her FULL marks on her confidence and how she managed to walk down the ramp with a smile and didn’t show disgust at all. Later, returning from the walk, she carried her heels along with her flaring in the air. Kamaal hai! 

2. Saba Qamar’s ramp fall

A couple months ago, we witnessed another ramp incident where Saba Qamar, Bhaagi’s actress, fell on the ramp. Saba Qamar is the most popular actresses of this time where she has received Lux style awards. The 3-day Bridal Couture Week 2017 ended in Lahore after a glitzy show of colors and designs, but not before a hiccup for actress and model Saba Qamar. She slipped on the ramp and handled quickly before touching the floor and walked gracefully without any air of worry. What grace! WHAT GRACE!

3. Urwa Hocane’s performance fall

Talking about ramp falls and LUX style awards, we all can recall Urwa falling on stage during her performance. Oh, she fell really hard! But boy, oh boy, she continued dancing and didn’t stop for a second. Looking at the video, we can really tell she must have gotten injured but she stood up!

Looking at these graceful women and their tragic fall, we must say, you go, woman! We are proud of you and love your confidence to the core!

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