Grey Face? Are You Choosing the Right Shade of Foundation?


The most common problem a lot of women face while applying foundation is suffering from a ‘grey face’ looking like a dead zombie! Now, since this is very common, it is important for every woman to know the reason behind it. A lot of women say that their face is looking grey even after using an ‘expensive’ foundation, their skin appears to be grey.

Now, here are the reasons that could cause your skin to look ‘grey’…

It’s too light and opaque

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This is one mistake that a lot of Pakistani women usually make. Choosing a foundation which is lighter than your skin WILL make your skin look ashy, once you’ve applied your foundation.

You’ve chosen the wrong undertone


Knowing your undertone is essential before buying your foundation. Undertone means that you need to know if you have either warm, neutral or cool undertone.

It doesn’t go with your other products

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The products that you apply before and after you apply your foundation; could also be a reason. For example our sunscreen or your primer since they may leave a white cast that your foundation won’t be able to cover.

But, here’s what you CAN do!

Here’s what you can do if you don’t want to throw your foundations away. And, who in their right mind would want to throw away their precious little bottle of foundation?! Certainly, not me!!

Mix your foundations!

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Set it with a powder that matches your undertone

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Give it to a friend

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Now, how many of you actually had the same problem and now took a sigh of relief? Hope this article helped you and don’t forget to share your experience after trying out the 2 hacks mentioned above! Let us know your experience! Happy make-uping! 🙂


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