A Guy Sent Unsolicited Pictures to this Girl Who Sent It to His Employer to Teach Him a Lesson


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On the internet, you will find a couple of horny men randomly messaging you. There are (often) two situations:

1. He will lure you into having a conversation with him, to which he will then start asking you for your pictures or share his, without your approval.

2. He will start sending you his unsolicited naked pictures, without you even knowing who he is.

Most of the times, these are the same people who you will see becoming keyboard jihadists, preaching how women should cover themselves and what not.

Similar to this is what happened with Sara Muzammil, who received unsolicited pictures from a random person on her Facebook.

So this guy who sent his penis picture to Sara is seen preaching Islam on Facebook as well. The level of hypocrisy? Cannot be expressed in words or even in digits, for the matter. As mentioned earlier, these are the same people who will remind you about your ‘akhirat’, about how you will witness the wrath of hell for not dressing appropriately and what not.

Best of All, Sara Messaged the Employer of this Person to Teach him a Lesson!

Due to the lack of awareness about Cyber Harassment in Pakistan, such men think it is perfectly okay to send women such pictures. I am sure Sara isn’t the only one who has received such message  – every other active female user on social media has been harassed in this manner. However, what Sara did, is something every woman should do.

Sara Taught Another Guy a Lesson He Will Always Remember!

Ladies, this is how you address these harassers. It is not okay for us to be receiving such images of a random guy who is probably mentally unstable. Best of all, you can always name-shame them for the power of social media is unreal. Once these messages reach their family members or co-workers, you will see how these same men deny sending the pictures in the first place.

Kudos to Sara for sending out a lesson to those girls who are targeted by these troubled men. Ladies, you know what you have to do the next time someone sends such messages to you.


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