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Roohi YousufJuly 27, 2018

This Pakistani Guy Shamelessly Harassing A Bus Hostess Is So WRONG!

Today, women harassment has become a prevailing issue as women are treated as objects in our society. Carrying out chores ...

AribaMarch 3, 2018

A Nurse in Faisalabad Beats Up a Ward Boy who Allegedly Tried to Sexually Harass Her

Sexual harassment is one of the dilemmas in our society which are quite rampant. Women continue to deal with this ...

AribaDecember 26, 2017

This Woman got Harassed by an Old Guy at a Bazaar and Showed no Mercy on Teaching him a Lesson!

Gone are the days when women were reluctant to speak up about being harassed by filthy men roaming around on ...

AribaDecember 12, 2017

Sanam Baloch Portrays a very innovative way of how People can protect their Children from Sexual Predators

There are times when parents fail to teach their children what is right and wrong when they’re growing up. It’s ...

AribaNovember 9, 2017

This Girl Narrates an Uncomfortable Experience where a Cab Driver tried to get Physical with Her

Seems like traveling alone has now become a major task for young girls in Pakistan. If you’ve been using the ...

AribaNovember 2, 2017

This Girl Got ‘Threatened’ by a Man who was recording her Video during a Bus Trip to Swat

Living in Pakistan, you really don’t know what are you going to experience the next moment. Oh yes, this goes ...

Soha NaveedOctober 26, 2017

This Girl was Harassed by Private Police Unit Officers Only Because she was Driving the Car Herself

The progressive mindset in the 21st century revolves around freedom of speech – letting people walk the way they want, ...

AribaOctober 16, 2017

#MeToo: Pakistani Women Took To Social Media To Share Their Sexual Harassment Stories

A Twitter trend to stand against sexual harassment and assault started trending on Sunday where thousands of people using #MeToo shared their ...

AribaOctober 4, 2017

Ushna Shah Shares Video of the Guy Who Publicly Harassed Her In Lahore

As street crimes and harassment are on the rise, there are many incidents that are being reported on a daily ...

AribaSeptember 8, 2017

This Girl Who was Harassed while Traveling in a ‘Rickshaw’ has a Message for you All!

Harassment in Pakistan comes in different aspects. It could be done on the streets, in your educational institutes and even ...

Ramsha AliSeptember 1, 2017

Our Own School Librarian Threw Us Out from the School and We Got Harassed by Two Men For No Reason!

When ever we say the word “school” a flood of memories flows in our mind, memories which we spent in ...

Alizay KhanAugust 22, 2017

“She Should Apologize For Mentioning My Sister’s Name In Public”, Said The Guy Who Was Harassing My Friend!

The word “WOMAN” has different meanings for different people. Pakistan, the 4th worst country in the world for a woman ...

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