Hadiqa Kiani Ushnah Shah fight

Hadiqa Kiani Just Schooled Ushna Shah Over Ignorant Tweet On Female Singers


Actress Ushna Shah is known to be quite bold when it comes to sharing her opinions. And while they can be unpopular ones she owns her perspective with pride anyway. Recently the actress took to twitter to share her pretty controversial thoughts about Pakistani female singers.

Ushna tweeted, “Why are Aima Baig and Quratulain Baloch the only incredible female vocalist we have. Their voices/skills are mesmerizing. Everyone else seems to sound Mediocre at best.”

As she tweeted this out some fans replied with names popular in the music industry.

One user tweeted ” Hadiqa Kiani?” To which Ushna replied “Ehn”.

This #unpopularopinion did not sit well with Singer Hadiqa Kiani and she posted on her Instagram account with a now-deleted screenshot of the verbose actress.

“Got this message sent to me today” she captioned.

Hadiqa took this opportunity to school Ushna of all the notable female singers’ names that might have missed Miss shah’s Canadian mind.

We must say Hadiqa’s response to such criticism was quite dignified and informative too!

Later words, when Ushna got to know about Hadiqa’s zesty response, she backtracked on her somewhat harsh opinion and posted an apology for the senior singer.


She tweeted, “Sorry Hadiqa–please remind me in such moments that I shouldn’t react the way a NORMAL fan does. Please lock me out of twitter late-night Ameen. Everybody say AMEEN.”

As a music fan one is entitled to her opinion, though it is always wise to do a bit of background research before making such humongous claims. Especially if you are a public personality.

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