Pakistani Men Want Govt To Take Action Against Halima Sultan’s ‘Liberal’ Dressing


The Ertugrul fever in Pakistan doesn’t seem to slow down at any cost. Every single day, the followers and audience of the Turkish drama keep increasing. This has brought forward many different opinions of society.

In a bid to know the people’s response, our friend Yasir Shamir from Daily Pakistan visited markets in Pakistan in a candid vox pop interview. He asked people about their opinion on Halima Sultan and Ertugrul in general.

The opinions given by people are very alarming even though being incredibly hilarious.

esra ertugrul sultan
Source: dizicentral

The interviewer asks people randomly what they think about Halima Sultan’s character and her sharing pictures on Instagram. To this, surprisingly, people gave all sorts of theories.. here are some of the most hilarious answers.

1) “It is wrong that Halima Sultan wears jeans and a shirt. It is the government’s responsibility that Halima does not wear such clothes. If they will not take action, we will do it ourselves.”

2) “Ertugrul can control her as well. But nobody takes action. Punjab police are also not doing anything. Where there is money, the police is only there.”

3) “She is doing a good role in this drama but she is kissing people in other dramas. What is the meaning of this?”

4) “Pants and shirts are not good for women, they should wear Burqas.”

5) “She is promoting mera jism meri marzi, she should not be doing it at all. She is promoting it to Pakistani women.”

6) “At one time I fell in love with Halima Sultan, but things have gone really bad now. It hurts to see the way she dresses.”

The hilarious remarks keep continuing as Yasir Shami keeps trolling these people in the name of Halima Sultan. The funniest bit is that majority of these men don’t even know who Halima Sultan is but they continue to malign her in the name of patriarchy.

Previously, people had been going on to Esra Bilgic’s account on Instagram and making comments on her ‘bold pictures’.

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