Here’s How Your Lipstick Pick Reveals Everything About Your Personality


Lipsticks have always been a woman’s best friend. Often it’s the first cosmetic that an adolescent girl wears, usually in the form of a sheer gloss. Eventually, it becomes the most important part of makeup for women, with time, to the point where she feels somehow incomplete and unfinished if she doesn’t put it on. In fact, lipstick is the only type of makeup that can be worn even in less time.

Lipstick serves a purpose beyond looking pretty. Have you ever wondered how you can tell so much about a person by just looking at them? The choices of lip colors we make before leaving the house each day can hold much more meaning than we might think. Like it is said, a person’s appearance can tell a lot about them if you can see it. The way we present ourselves to the world – from the way we dress to the way we shape our eyebrows – can speak volumes about our personalities before we even open our mouths.

So, it should come as no surprise that the color of lipstick we choose can reveal a lot about ourselves. Although many people make a conscious decision to put on lipstick. However, it is the subconscious reason behind the lipstick choice that can be most revealing.

Scroll through the list below to see what your lipstick color is telling the world about you.

1. Bright Red


Bright red lips are all about being bold. This color communicates confidence and self-assuredness to the world, vividly. For women who lack boldness and confidence, red lipstick can help transform you from a quiet wallflower into a powerful version of yourself.

2. Hot Pink

If your savior lip shade is hot pink, then you are definitely an outgoing, energetic person who knows how to light up a room with your smile. Just like your bold choice in lipstick color, you’re not afraid to be noticeable and often make it a point to be the center of attention. It’s easy for you to make friends and you are always excited and dedicated in whatever you do.

3. Coral

Source: juliasallure

Coral lips reflect a love of outdoors. Whether you are taking a hike or on the beach, sunshine and blue skies are your best friends. The environment is something you keep closest to your heart. You take pride in loving the environment.
There’s no way better to spend your weekend than with family and the outdoors.

4. Merlot


Ok, this one is a gorgeous color! A dark red shade of merlot suggests more flowing, toned down version of the hot and fiery passion bright red gives off. You enjoy every aspect of life, making you a person who knows how to live in the moment. When it comes to love, you prefer the thrill of the chase over a quick conquest.

5. Taupe

Source: Amazon

Taupe lipstick is all about a deeper connection. It is one of the many shades of the earth, which makes you seem warm, nourishing and comfortable. If you apply a taupe color to your lips, it generally means that you feel deeply connected with nature, animals, and the world around you. This color is all about being natural, optimistic and without dissimulation.

Makeup definitely does wonders to your appearance but who knew just a minor detail could even speak volumes about your personality? This list is a fun reminder that your makeup might just be saying more than you think.

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