Here's One Major Problem That Everyone Is Facing After Going On A Keto Diet


Here’s One Major Problem That Everyone Is Facing After Going On A Keto Diet


When it comes to the low carb, high fat ketogenic diet, it may give you the results you want, but is it the best choice for you?

Congratulations on being consistent on your keto diet and getting the results within weeks as well. While everything is going as planned, you notice that you have started losing hair along with the weight. This is a common side-effect of following the Keto diet.

What’s The Relation of Keto Diet with Hair Loss?

Telogen Effluvium, the form of hair loss that originates from rapid/drastic weight loss in both, men and women. The only good news about this is that it is a form of temporary weight loss and the bad news is, it will only end when you let go of your Keto diet.

Continuous Hair Loss Is a Sign of Bad Diet

Biotin deficiency significantly leads to hair loss while doing the Keto diet. If you have been following Keto diet plans for a long period of time and you are still witnessing hair loss (after the temporary telogen effluvium), it signifies that the body is not so responsive towards the Keto diet. Because of reduction in consuming biotin foods, there can be a severe impact on the hair thinning and hair loss.

Hair Loss Due To Less Protein Intake

If you have some basic knowledge regarding food and skincare, you’d know the contribution of protein towards the hair. If the keto diet you are following (which usually is the case) is not giving you enough protein, you may experience hair thinning or hair loss. Usually, a keto diet has a moderate protein intake, with high fat and low carb nutrients.

Suffering protein deficiency has more side-effects, including hair loss.

Hair Loss Due to Iron Deficiency

If the foods you are told to take are low in ferritin, you will then likely suffer from low iron levels as well. Ferritin is a protein that allows the body to maintain the much-needed iron levels. If the level of ferritin is low, you are likely to experience iron deficiency and adrenal fatigue as well.

Every diet that wants the consumers to go cold turkey on their food intake is filled with flaws. Just like many, Keto is also a form of crash diet and therefore, it has severe side-effects.

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