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AribaMay 8, 2019

Here’s Everything Islam Allows a Woman To Do In Ramadan While She Is On her Periods

Every year in Ramadan, women belonging to a specific age group are unable to join the religious month for about ...

Kainat GulJanuary 23, 2019

This Pakistani Mommy Shares How She Got Over Postpartum Depression (PPD) And Her Struggle Was Real!

Postpartum Depression (PPD) is a type of depression that affects some women after becoming mommies or giving birth to an ...

Kinza PirachaJanuary 21, 2019

Actress Sana Fakhar Finally Revealed The Secret Of Her Crazy Transformation Aur Bas Abs Check Karen!

Celebrities care about their body image more than we think. Whether they want to score a movie role or escape ...

Aliza MehdiJanuary 12, 2019

“I had literally lost a part of me” – This Pakistani Girl Opens Up About Her Anxiety And How She’s Dealing With It

Mental health – it isn’t something that is taken seriously in all societies. No matter how much we try to ...

Mahnoor AslamJanuary 3, 2019

The Girl Who Was Battling A ‘Rare Disease’ Just Gave Up On Life And We’re Shattered!

Life is uncertain, we all know this and are aware of it. We are made to realize how human is ...

Soha NaveedDecember 22, 2018

This Guy’s Epic Transformation Will Make You Want To Hit The Gym JUST RIGHT NOW!

When it comes to having a healthy lifestyle, Pakistanis do not put much attention to it. We as Pakistanis are ...

Mahnoor AslamDecember 18, 2018

This Mother Is In Dire Need Of Your Financial Help For Her 3-Month-Old Sick Child Who Can’t Be Treated In Pakistan!

It is said that the most sacred of all love is of your mother. Also, that no one can love ...

FarwaDecember 14, 2018

By Following These Tips, Here’s How You Can Increase Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

With 208 million people and annual growth rate of 3.65%, Pakistan is the fifth most populous country in the world ...

FarwaDecember 10, 2018

This Is How You Can Lose Weight Quickly In The Light Of Islam And Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s Sunnah!

Obesity is one of the major problems of a common man these days. For losing weight instantly, people are now ...

FarwaDecember 4, 2018

This Beautiful 2-Year-Old Baby Anabia Is Fighting For Her Life And She Needs Pakistan’s Help, Now!

According to a survey conducted by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy, Pakistanis give around Rs.240 billion (more than $2billion) in the charity ...

FarwaNovember 22, 2018

According To Islam, Here’s What It Says About Smoking A Cigarette

When Tobacco entered Islamic countries, a great debate among Islamic scholars started on whether it is haram or halal? Even ...

Zara MaqsoodNovember 17, 2018

This Pakistani Guy’s Incredible Weight Loss Transformation Has Left Everyone Speechless!

“Hum Tumhare Liye Itna Kuch Karte Hain, Tum Hamare Liye Patla Nae Hosakte?”, this line alone, from my late father, ...

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