Here's The Bitter Truth About Keto Diet No One Ever Told You!


Here’s The Bitter Truth About Keto Diet No One Ever Told You!


Imagine converting the engine of your car from diesel engine to a gas one. After some turbulence and effort, your car and the driving may revert to the same experience, but the fuel it runs on will be different. In addition to this, the nature of some cars may not react well to the conversion due to the change in fuel type. This is primarily what happens in ketogenic, commonly known as keto diet.

While keto diet is not a new form of weight loss program, it has recently gained a lot of attention as means of losing weight drastically. Keto evangelists believe in the power of the body using its own fat burning system to lose significant weight in as little as two weeks. On the other hand, people opposing the keto diet believe it is just another crash diet course which leads to significant side-effects in the long run.

So What Really Is the Truth Behind Ketogenic Diet?

In addition to Keto being yet another, “Don’t eat this…Don’t eat that” diet, Stephan Guyenet, an obesity researcher, said the following:

“It’s one of these diets where so many people are talking about losing tons of weight, improving their health risks, beating cancer, and all these other lofty claims. But all those big claims are far ahead of the current scientific evidence.”

And Why Is That?

Keto diet work when your body starts to alter its power on its own. With carbs down to nothing, protein intake minimized and fat consumed in large amounts, the energy of the body is forced to shift from glycogen, a sugar found in liver and muscles drawn from carbs, to ketones, the molecules found in the liver which are produced in the absence of glycogen.

The reason why people are so inclined to follow this form of diet is due to the “magical” results it gives. With your drastic reduction in nutrients such as carbs and proteins, the body instantly gives you results in a short time period and people, in this modern age, get impressed by the idea.

The population gets impressed by the fact that keto reduces fat in the body, which is why they follow the diet plan. There is no denying how ketones are to be from the fat stored in the body, but keto diet in itself is high in fat. The fat you consume, therefore, is the fat that converts int ketones. However, how can one assure that they are burning more fat than the fat they are actually consuming?

Just like the other form of crash diets, keto may give you immediate results, but it isn’t something you can keep up or maintain once you have reached your weight loss goals. With your sugar level falling drastically down, there are numerous side effects attached to this form of dieting.

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