Here's What the Parents and Husbands of Zakat Indebted Women Need to Do


Here’s What the Parents and Husbands of Zakat Indebted Women Need to Do


As one of the important pillars of Islam, Zakat has been mentioned 82 times in Quran alongside Namaz, stressing on the importance of performing this pillar. However, with the implementation in the modern society, people have made some convenient changes to offering Zakat on the gold kept by a woman.

According to the Islamic obligation, Zakat is compulsory on all those who own gold equal or more than 85 grams for one calendar year. This is equal to 7.5 tolas of gold, one which one needs to pay 2.5% obligatory Zakat.

In the society, however, you may find those who justify not paying Zakat over the gold possessed by a woman. This mainly includes the housewives – those women who do not earn to pay off the compulsory Zakat. In such conditions, the society ignores giving the obligatory Zakat.

Women Can Pay Zakat from their Possessions As Well

As narrated in Sunan of Abu-Dawood Hadith 1558- narrated by Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-‘As:

A woman came to the Messenger of Allah (saws) and she was accompanied by her daughter who wore two heavy gold bangles in her hands. He (saws) said to her: Do you pay zakat on them? She said: No. He (saws) then said: Are you pleased that Allah may put two bangles of fire on your hands? Thereupon she took them off and placed them before the Prophet (saws) saying: They are for Allah and His Messenger (saws) (to distribute to the poor as they will).

Women can use the gold to pay the Zakat as well. They can either sell the specific amount of gold to get the specific amount of money.

Can Husbands and Parents (Guardians) Pay Zakat For Their Wife/Daughter’s Gold?

Perhaps a number of Muslim husbands do pay Zakat of their wife’s gold as she is a housewife who does not earn, but many ignore this as well. In such a condition, husbands and parents can pay Zakat for their daughter or wife’s gold. Primarily because women wear the gold which has been given to them by their parents or husbands, which is why there is no harm when they pay Zakat; in fact, they will get sawab for their deeds.

There is nothing wrong with a husband or the guardians to pay for the Zakat. Some scholars even say that if a husband is in dire need of money, the wife can give him the Zakat money to put him at ease. However, this concept has not been shared with reference – as scholars have suggested.


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