Here's Why You Need To Watch Drama Serial "Meri Guriya"


Here’s Why You Need To Watch Drama Serial “Meri Guriya”


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Even after the horrendous case of child abuse in the start of 2018, this topic still remains a taboo in our society. Recently a drama serial named as “Meri Guriya” is airing on Ary Digital, which is based on the topic of child abuse. Other than the topic of child abuse the drama is also showing the face of the society, where having a son is important than any other thing.

The audiences have mixed reviews about the drama, but as along as the main topic is considered they are creating awareness among a lot of people. However, a lot of people are finding the drama a bit disturbing, as it contains a lot of insensitive dialogues. The drama also caters to the fact that mental illness is also a taboo in our society; Mohsin Abbas Haider is playing the role of a pedophile named as Dabeer.


From the very first episode, it has been showed that there is something wrong with Dabeer’s personality. Moreover, the drama shows extremely appreciating message about the concept of good and bad touch, which the mother (Sania Saeed) has taught her girls. The topic of child abuse is indeed something that we need to make everyone understand.

The concept of not sending the kids alone needs to be followed by the parents. We need to make our kids understand about the bad touch. We need to make our kids understand the concept of sharing things with their parents. Once we start protecting and fighting for kids, no one can harm them.

Do not take your kids lightly, let them talk about their experiences, comfort them. Awareness can be started from your own home. And we all need to start discussing the taboos of the society. Put a stop to child abuse. If you haven’t watched the drama yet, do watch and comment on your perception.

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