“Disucssing Aamir Liaquat’s shadi for me is useless and shameful”- Hina Altaf Takes A Jab At Sanam Baloch!


The internet’s been a pretty happening place since the past few weeks and well, people seem to be enjoying it!

And for Pakistanis, Amir Liaquat’s second marriage has been nothing but controversial. Let’s not forget his controversial statements during the interviews. Just recently, Amir Liaquat and his Tuba were invited to Sanam Baloch’s morning show where the couple revealed a lot about their life. From how they met, how they got married and the munh dikhayi.

The marriage has surely stirred a storm on social media and Pakistanis seem to be aggravated after Aamir married Tuba; without the consent of his first wife.  Well, things got even worse when Sanam Baloch asked as few questions and stated her opinions on the show that literally triggered many people!

Here’s what she said:

Amir Liaquat responds why his first wife didn’t accepted his 2nd marriage and criticism on social media by his own daughter.. #SamaaTV #Samaa #SanamBaloch

Posted by Subah Saverey Samaa Ke Saath on Monday, December 10, 2018

Did this trigger you as well? Thought so.

However, actress Hina Altaf, in response to Sanam’s statement posted a message on her Instagram story and expressed her thoughts and she clearly seemed triggered!

Check this out!


Well, that was something! We totally agree with Hina here and it’s indeed saddening and appalling to see what morning shows are doing for the sake of TRP. Why would they stoop so low?

The people were furious on Facebook after Sanam’s statements!


Indeed a circus!


That was highly unexpected!


And wonder what was happening on Twitter? It was on fire!!

It was really insensitive!

Clearly, it is just encouraging the person who did wrong!

Playing the religion card here?

Deen just to get married. Nice.

People sure seemed disappointed and it was something none of us were expecting. But we’re glad how celebrities like Hina Altaf are aware of such matters and what is actually going around in the world.

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