Here are 5 Ways you can Budget Shop and Stop Yourself from Overspending!


Okay so you love shopping, you even go when there are sales happening, and you convince yourself that you are saving when you buy unnecessary things at half the price. It’s a chronic overspending habit. You start each month thinking maybe this time you’ll save, this time you’ll make smart decisions but eventually, you end up convincing your self that maybe you deserve to be treated, you find yourself making mindless purchases justified with, I’ll start saving next month. You are entering a dangerous zone, my friend.


Overspending is often a learned behavior that can result from emotional issues, certain lifestyle or it could be how your upbringing is. If you have recognized this pattern of yours, here’s how you can fix it while it’s not too late.

1. Don’t give in to temptations


Whenever you go shopping with friends or family you always end up eyeing or even falling in love with a particular piece of clothing or any item which is not a need but you just really really want it. You sometimes do and sometimes don’t even consider the price tag. All these ads seem to distract you and even consider buying something online, gearing you to subscribe to them and get bombarded with offers and emails which you can’t seem to resist. Good online stores seem like a blessing. You need to stop, unsubscribe. Analyse if you really actually need that particular shirt which would look really cute on you and then it’ll be at the back of your closet.

2. Make a budget

Money Crashers

I personally don’t like dealing with numbers and calculating everything firsthand but when the moment calls for it, it has to be done. For your own future well-being. Write it down, gather bills, calculate variable spending, the important spending, calculating how much you bring in cash in comparison with how much you spend. If you are burning off more than you make, you need to start making some serious changes.

3. Shop with a list or don’t go at all


Just don’t choose malls for hangouts, hangouts can be carried elsewhere until you have a good control over your spending. Till then cut yourself off. Or when you are off to shopping for things you need, have a list of things you need with you so you don’t go wandering off and get distracted and come back with a puppy.

4. Don’t use credit cards for everything, stick to cash.


Make an amount that needs to be spent in a month, that way you won’t get distracted when something tempting passes by. That means not using your credit for online shopping either, forget that pin code.

5. You can have fun even if you don’t go out big


Go for cheaper entertainment from time to time. Sometimes you have to attend that all due party or you have given your friends your word to hang out. Going for cheaper entertainment options does not dent your pride or ego. Just teaches you how happiness comes in all forms and sizes.

It’ is undoubtedly difficult to break this habit as there are psychological reasons behind it, that many people over-shop and buys is to get a burst of feel-good dopamine that accompanies with it. Which makes sense, as sometimes it feels like an addiction. If you follow and keep track of your budget, you can break free from overspending. Happy saving!

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