Depression Is Curable, Help Your Loved Ones In Identifying It


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Mental health is as essential as physical health. It is very important to understand that like fever, flu, allergies, diabetes, and hypertension, ‘depression’ is also an illness. And anyone can fall victim to it. Like all other diseases have risk factors, causes, diagnosis, and then ‘treatment’, depression follows the same course as well… And you know what the good news is, unlike cancers and other fatal diseases, it is curable. And when do you get the cure? Likely when you get its treatment. And when do you get the treatment? It’s when you ‘diagnose’ the illness.

Now treatment options can vary, like for all the other diseases. The least could be just ‘identification’ of it. Yes, it is. With the rise in cases of depression throughout the globe, what is a common man our responsibilities are? To help them, to be there for them, to share their problems and worries and get them cure of this illness. And you can do this, only when you ‘identify’ a person with depression.

Source: American Psychological Association

Here’s a simple way of how can you identify this. Obviously, you can’t go to a random person and ask them if they’re going through depression. This starts from your home, your family, your friends, your classmates, your work colleagues etc, the people you see and observe every day. They won’t say you they’re suffering from depression and might be ignoring you and the people around them, so that nobody talks and ask them questions which they find difficult to explain.

Source: Food NDTV

What you have to do is ‘identify’ them in your surroundings. Now the question arises how to identify them when they’re not coming up to you? Obviously, this is very unlikely for someone to walk in and say, hey dude I’m depressed please help me and listen to me. What you have to do, is to look for the signs of depression. For somebody you see or meet every day or someone you know closely, you can easily notice if they’re having some change in their behaviors, someone who’s very talkative and jolly, it is a change in behavior if they stayed silent for some days or had limited talks.

You can approach them and ask if something’s wrong with them, and if they don’t tell you what they’re suffering from, make them feel comfortable enough so that they can share their problems with you, if this also fails, tell someone who’s close to that person that you observed something odd in his attitude, may be he can do something in this matter.

Likewise, they are many other signs. If somebody is feeling the loss of interest in things they liked in past, that is a change in behavior you need to inquire about. If anyone is feeling tired, uninterested, fatigued, lost, absent minded, having problems in concentrating, agitated, angry on little things, had some obvious bad experience in their lives like loss of a closed one, divorce, breakup, joblessness, or any trigger you could figure out, having weight changes, sleep disturbances, appetite loss, they’re plenty of factors you can notice, ‘you just have to look closely.’ “May be you can save one precious life”!

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