Indian Celebrity Who Claimed to have Slept with Shahid Afridi will be seen on Bigg Boss Season 11


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Seems like being part of a scandal is yet another new trend for celebrities; be it Pakistanis or Indians. Almost every other day, the social media is bombarded with a new controversy and it seems to be carried on with non-stop drama. It is endless! Remember the Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom fiasco Momina’s tweet? Mahira Khan, Imad Wasim, etc etc…

Many of you might not be aware of the fact, but India’s famous ‘Reality’ show, Bigg Boss Season 11 is about to start and it is creating much hype all over social media. However, among the many contestants who will be participating this season will be the Indian actor and model, Arshi Khan. Now, you may ask, so what’s the big deal? Well, in 2015, Arshi Khan claimed on Twitter that she had sex with Pakistani cricketer, Shahid Afridi. Woah!!  That is one HUGE of a claim.

Here’s what she had tweeted

If we talk about Arshi, she is known more for her scandals and less for her profession! A year after her tweet, she tweeted saying that she’s pregnant and her mother would e more than happy to know that’s Afridi’s baby. But she, later on, confirmed in her tweet that she is not pregnant and instead, is suffering from a hormonal issue.

Despite the huge claim, Shahid Afridi paid no heed to this controversy of her’s and refuted any such claim and he went on by saying that he does not have time for such ‘stupidities’. Even after such a claim, Arshi Khan didn’t want to stop…

Here’s what she tweeted after being chosen for Bigg Boss season 11

Well, since Arshi Khan will now be appearing in Bigg Boss Season 11, we just hope she doesn’t create more scandals living in Bigg Boss’s house. We know that such scandals are absolutely baseless, but at times, it is enough to ruin someone’s reputation in the industry.

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