International Women's Day

International Women’s Day 2023: The Inspiration Of Pakistani Actresses


8th March, International Women’s day marks a special day for women all over the world and remembers those who inspired us.

On this special occasion, we have recalled some of the greatest Pakistani actresses who not just inspired other women, but also let them know the meaning of getting a second chance in life and living for your good.

International Women's Day 2023: The Inspiration Of Pakistani Actresses

The Internet is filled with inspiring stories of celebrities that went through some severe diseases and then got back on track with more strength.

We have listed down Pakistani actresses who just stood up against all odds and showed every woman that her life does matter the most.

Inspiration Of Pakistani Actresses

Nadia Jamil

Nadia Jamil, Pakistan’s most popular actress has delivered some of the greatest performances in her prime. Why she is on the list? Well, she was diagnosed with cancer and was suffering alone during that tough period.

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But she didn’t give up at all. on June 2021, she got cancer free and recovered with a healthy life. That phase changed her life upside down in a positive way, she stated, “It’s like my cancer told me, ‘Nadia, you don’t need to hide behind your hair anymore. This is your face, and it’s all you have. So look at it and love it.’ And I was very proud of my long thick hair back then by the way. But when cancer stripped away that pride from me, I learned to love everything else about myself, which I had been hiding all along.”

Zara Noor Abbas

One of the most painful things to have in life is to lose an unborn child and that feeling no one can understand except the mother herself. Zara Noor Abbas is one of them, last year she spoke about suffering from depression after she lost a baby.

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“Looking at it now, it is a lot of support from the family, very less [from] friends, I think one or two, maybe four. It has to do a lot with my family. Asad, of course, because he was his child also.”

Sajal Aly

Sajal Aly is one of Pakistan’s most famous actresses in the current timeline. She has gained enormous popularity all over the world, when she confirmed her separation from Ahad Raza Mir internet went crazy.

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“I don’t feel the need for a man as I celebrate my life to the fullest due to the love, respect, and admiration I receive every single day. I don’t crave being with anyone but If I do end up being with another individual, that’s fine too. In the end, I’m the cherry on top of the cake, no one else,” expressed Aly.

Mariam Ansari

Actor Mariam Ansari, who began her career as RJ on Radio Active 96 and later joined the entertainment industry, now works as a fitness trainer as well.

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“I did a film [Halla Gulla] and after that, I was body shamed a lot,” said Mariam. “A person looks wide on the bigger screen, and that is when I decided to join the gym.” “I lost a lot of weight and then it became my passion and lifestyle,” added the actor. “I also used to give people free advice related to workouts and weight loss. So, people thought I am professionally working in this field but I was not at that time.”

No doubt these women surely lived up their life to fight against all odds and relive what they desired. it’s hard to get back on track after being trolled or diagnosed with severe disease. But these women changed the dynamic and showed the world that women can fight back.

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