Iqra Aziz has the most Epic Comeback for all those who Criticized her Vacation Pictures


Iqra Aziz didn’t stop and left a very strong message for those narrow-minded brain heads. We all saw her photos on social media where she was seen vacationing with her sister, Sidra Aziz, on Phi-Phi beach, Thailand, on New Year’s Eve. It seemed all fun and color! But people on social media never go quite…

This TV actress posted photos online of her vacation fun and got bashed for her attire. But Iqra didn’t stay quiet. Her classic reply to those comments is stealing many hearts and here’s what she had to say…

This photo is after her vacation and the caption is EPIC!

She captioned the photo with:

Avoid head trash. Don’t be a garbage can for anything that does not feed your intellect, stimulate your imagination or make you a more compassionate peaceful person. Refuse to open your mind to other people’s trash. Tune out anything that promotes conflict or controversy. This can infect you with a mind virus of cynicism or defeat, and you won’t even know it‼️

Though she left a very thoughtful message there for her fans and followers, it still caught unnecessary debate. There was crossfire from both ends as one side ended up supporting her stance while the keyboard warriors found their way to mark their presence.


How about minding your own business?

Like she asked for an opinion..

Jee janaab…

This is not the first time that a celebrity has gone through such an experience. Last year was full of such incidents. People follow these celebrities on social platforms and later criticize them for their choices. Why would anyone live they way you want them to live? Will you change the way you live in your home if one random day, someone comes in and ask you to do that?  It’s high time that we stop social bullying. *Sighs*

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