Jennifer Aniston's Signing Up On Instagram Crashed The App!


Jennifer Aniston on Instagram

Jennifer Aniston’s Signing Up On Instagram Crashed The App!


Jennifer Aniston is famously known for playing Rachel in one of THE most popular American hit sitcom around the globe, FRIENDS. The 50-year-old actress was just 25 when she took on the role that went on to become one of the most iconic characters of all time. Jennifer Aniston along with the rest of the amazing cast has given us 10 memorable seasons that entertained people of all ages. But enough of the show and more about the talented and gorgeous actress that literally broke the Instagram. 

Aniston made her first-ever official Instagram account and the application immediately started experiencing issues!

This girl started getting followers just minutes after setting up her account and the sudden influx of followers caused issues within the app as fans weren’t able to follow the actress for a while.

When her profile’s follow button was temporarily disabled by the application because of a technical difficulty, Aniston responded in her sweet-classic way, saying, “Sorry, I think I broke it” – You sure did, as everyone flocked to her account after finding out Jennifer even posted a picture with the rest of the FRIENDS cast and who wouldn’t want to miss that?

All it took was Jennifer posting a heart-warming first picture with the rest of the FRIENDS costars and within 24 hours she received 7 million followers; currently, the count is at 7.4m. Her picture, however, has a whopping 9 million likes. This is her star power!

Several celebrities welcomed Jennifer and boy it looked like a mini Hollywood party below in the comment section.

Lisa Kudrow, Ellen, Kate Hudson, and Mariah Carey are some of the many stars that gave Aniston a shout out.

Yes David, who wouldn’t want to be with this amazing group of people! We feel you.

Ellen as always, keeping it real! From FRIENDS show to friends for life. We are glad they still hangout!

Charlie Puth defining all of our feelings with one word!

Mariah Queen to another Queen! A moment that broke the application….for a while.

These are just a very few of the many celebrities that poured in their support for Jennifer and it’s so great to see people supporting one another.

Pakistani Twitter didn’t disappoint either!

FRIENDS is one of the top favorites of Pakistanis and if not everyone then most of us has watched the show more than once, hands down. Here’s what our desi crowd had to say about Jennifer joining Insta.

Will he take the bait? LOL.

It’s a hot topic.

Overrated? Neither the show nor the beautiful actress.

Someone had to fulfill the ‘phoppo’ role here. And Viola! There you have it.

Jennifer deserves all the love in the world. She has given us Rachel that we all adore and above all, she is a fantastic actress. However, this month the actress slammed all rumors regarding a FRIENDS reunion, saying, “Our producers wouldn’t want it, wouldn’t let us,” she said. “It would have been fun. But whatever. Maybe it’s better this way, but we’ll never know.” 

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