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Karachi Woman’s Treatment Of Police Sparks Debate On ‘Elite’ Culture!


Calling out the unstable condition of Pakistan, it seems like the nation doesn’t want to bind in with rules. Often, we see proofs of the country police unjustly behaving with the civilians. But the dose of superiority sometimes turns the tables around. Recently, a video of a woman’s ill-treatment with the traffic police officers in Karachi added another example to the prevailing ‘VIP’ culture.

Maltreatment of police by a woman in Karachi has sparked a debate on the ‘elite’ culture!

As the previous governing alliances of Pakistan were busy in corruption, other connected departments also benefited from the situation. Similarly, last month, a video of a police officer trying to misuse his authority while traveling caught many eyeballs. Apparently, this time it’s the opposite and this woman’s maltreatment of police in Karachi has sparked a debate on ‘elite’ culture.

Here’s the tweet that is going viral on social media!

While Pakistanis are fond of blaming everything on the government, such cases show the narcissistic side. Posted by a Twitter user named Shama Junejo, the video is clearly displaying the arrogant and haughty attitude of the rule-violating woman. Sources say that the woman broke a traffic signal in Karachi’s Defence area and then tried to cross the traffic police upon being asked to stop.

Foulmouthing with the traffic police officers!

After the police officers finally halted her, the lady started cursing and humiliating them to their face. Since its a trend these days to record every such incident on camera, the traffic police officials applied the same strategy. Apparently, the show of camera also couldn’t affect on the woman as she continues on in the same disrespectful manner.

Karachi Police

The video going viral on the internet has covered the whole scenario as the traffic police officer explains it. Particularly, the clip starts off with the official saying, “Ye signal violation kar ke aayi hain aur galiyan de rahi hain”. Further, when the lady again tries to dodge, the police officer maintains, “Gaari nahin jaaegi yahan se”.

Why is Pakistan caught in ‘VIP’ cultures?

Eventually, the ‘elite’ culture prevailing within Pakistan has rotten the system to its core. Certainly, the previous politicization of the local police has promoted such stances to an extent but the forceful imposition of authoritative power is condemnable. Back in October, a similar incident was reported from Karachi’s Gulshan area and it is so wrong.

Karachi Police
The Indian Express

Last month, a girl driving in the wrong way lashed out at a traffic police officer in the metropolis upon being stopped. Unfortunately, the ratio of misusing provided authority is quite high in Pakistan as compared to other countries. However, hats off to the police courageous officers who though of their duty first instead of getting pressurized.

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